The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-3/W10
07 Feb 2020
 | 07 Feb 2020


C. L. Kang, T. N. Lu, M. M. Zong, F. Wang, and Y. Cheng

Keywords: Moving Least Squares, Point Cloud, Smooth Sampling, Voxel Grid Sampling, Uniform Sampling, Surface Reconstruction

Abstract. In point cloud data processing, smooth sampling and surface reconstruction are important aspects of point cloud data processing. In view of the current point cloud sampling method, the point cloud distribution is not uniform, the point cloud feature information is incomplete, and the reconstructed model surface is not smooth. This paper proposes a method of smoothing sampling processing and surface reconstruction using point cloud using moving least squares method. This paper first introduces the traditional moving least squares method in detail, and then proposes an improved moving least squares method for point cloud smooth sampling and surface reconstruction. In this paper, the algorithm is designed for the proposed theory, combined with C++ and point cloud library PCL programming, using voxel grid sampling and uniform sampling and moving least squares smooth sampling comparison, after sampling, using greedy triangulation algorithm surface reconstruction. The experimental results show that the improved moving least squares method performs point cloud smooth sampling more uniformly than the voxel grid sampling and the feature information is more prominent. The surface reconstructed by the moving least squares method is smooth, the surface reconstructed by the voxel grid sampling and the uniformly sampled data surface is rough, and the surface has a rough triangular surface. Point cloud smooth sampling and surface reconstruction based on moving least squares method can better maintain point cloud feature information and smooth model smoothness. The superiority and effectiveness of the method are demonstrated, which provides a reference for the subsequent study of point cloud sampling and surface reconstruction.