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Volume XLII-4/W1, 2016 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-4/W1, 2016 – Keyword index


ARML Accident Accuracy Aerodynamic Roughness Length Agriculture Airborne Gravity Airborne LiDAR Analytic Hierarcy Process Analytical Hierarchy Process Antarctic environments ArcGIS toolbox Area of Interest Augmented Reality android


GAMA GDM2000 GIS GIS Index Model GNSS GPS Gamification Geo-Clustering GeoPackage,Mobile GIS Geodetic Vertical Datum Geoid Undulations Geological features mapping Geological mapping Geomarketing Geosimulation Global Geopotential Model Gravity Missions geospatial database gravity anomaly and Global Geopotential Model


Image Analysis Image tracking Imkanur Rukyah Indigenous People Indoor Surveying Information Retrieval Injury Integrated Integration Interpolation Ionospheric Delay inundation mapping


LADM Land Cover Land Use Landsat Landsat-8 Landslide Lassa Fever Legacy Dataset Legal Traceability LiDAR Lithological Map landfill suitability analysis least–squares adjustment


MAPInr Malaria Malaysia Malaysian bays Marine Government Institutions Marine Spatial Planning Market Segmentation Mean Sea Surface Mobile GIS MoreFix levelling adjustment package Multiple Criteria Multiple Criteria Evaluation Multispectral Image Multispectral satellite data MyRTKnet modelling


SDI Sarawak precise levelling network Satellite Altimeter Satellite gravity mission Scale dimension Sea Level Rise Sea Surface Height Shah Alam Shortest path Side Scan Sonar Signal Strength Slope Socio-economic Solar Flare Spatial Data Quality Spatial MCDM Spatial data mining Submerged Structure Sugarcane cultivation Survey Configuration Susceptibility Sustainability scale factor smartphones spatial data collection strata objects
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