The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-4/W9
26 Oct 2018
 | 26 Oct 2018


M. N. Hashim, M. I. Hassan, and A. Abdul Rahman

Keywords: 3D registration, 3D strata, 3D model

Abstract. The rapid development of a country has resulted in limited land use. This is indirectly encouraging multilayer development (strata) especially for the development of residential properties such as condominiums, apartments and others. The idea of having 3D database for the cadastral system has been discussed for a good and efficient management in Malaysia. The development in 3D GIS will make a 3D cadastral realizable. In Malaysia, the current 2D cadastre system is regularly updated by the National Mapping Agency (NMA) and Land Offices (LO). However, this 2D information may not be able to serve complex situations. The 3D strata acquisition and 3D modelling are important for strata title to manage the Right, Restriction and Responsibility (RRRs). This means needs to the system extended into 3D cadastre environment. One of the data acquisition techniques is utilizing LiDAR data to solve the problem. 3D geospatial objects could be generated from the captured points cloud. The NMA attempts to make use of LiDAR datasets for strata registration purposes. This paper also discuss the needs the 3D strata registration via XML and IndoorGML for future 3D strata development in Malaysia.