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Articles | Volume XLII-5/W3
05 Dec 2019
 | 05 Dec 2019


Z. Svatý, K. Kocián, and T. Mičunek

Keywords: Building information model, Road infrastructure, Road safety, Road safety inspection, Operation and Maintenance

Abstract. Effective and safe transportation infrastructure presents one of the crucial conditions for functional society. Its ceaseless development and construction can be taken as a proof of its importance even despite the corresponding financial and time demands. The complexity and scale of the projects related to transportation infrastructure presents an ideal field for implementation of the BIM approaches. However, it is necessary to implement the BIM to the whole life cycle of the transport structure, especially not only to the pre-investment and investment phases but also to the operation and maintenance. For every road infrastructure, it is important to observe the performance of the road, behaviour of road users and evaluate the resulting safety risks, to be able to correspond with adequate and effective measures and to secure sufficient level of safety. The paper aims to present an implementation of the road safety aspects and statistics into the processes of BIM applications and strategies, which are prepared on the base of Government Resolution No 958, on the importance of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the Czech Republic. The accident statistics, safety audits and inspections presents a valuable source of information that should be adequately implemented with the BIM processes.