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Volume XLIV-2/W1-2021, 2021 – Keyword index

Volume XLIV-2/W1-2021, 2021 – Keyword index


CNN CON-TREX COVID-19 CT and MR Medical Images CT image Catheter Segmentation Clothes Cluster Structures Clustering Color-coded Contrasting Computer Vision Cone-beam computed tomography Convex Minimization Convolutional Neural Network Convolutional Neural Networks Correlation analysis coded target detection computer modeling


Data Synthesis Deep Learning Deep learning Deep neural network Deep neural networks Delaunay triangulation Dental pathology Digital Watermarking Disabled Discrete Wavelet Transform Distance metric learning Distance technology deep learning dental morphology digital model


Image Denoising Image Fusion Image Histograms Image Restoration Image Segmentation Image Understanding Image matting Image segmentation Instance segmentation Interpretive Navigation identification image fusion image synthesis infrared image


Machine Learning Mask Detection Micro-computed tomography Mineral Identification Mobile Device Monitoring technologies Monocular video Morphological Correlation Morphological Image Analysis Multi-Frame Multidimensional Data Multiple object tracking machine learning measurements of dentin micro-computed tomography multi-angle images


Palaeopatology Parameter Estimation Part based representation Patch-based Search Periodogram Polished Sections Principal Curvatures Probabilistic Gamma-Normal Model Prognosis of outcomes Pulmonary Fibrosis palaeontology photogrammetry photorealistic texturing pixel clustering


Real time Recall Region-of-interest detection Regularization Rehabilitation Relevant Region Residual Similarity Road Scenes Recognition Robotic mechanotherapy Robotic medical complexes remote sensing


Security Segmentation Service robotics Shape Matching Shengavit Shoulder joint Siamese network Sign Language Size Skip Target Smart Building Smart City Smart Healthcare Smart advertisement Speech Recognition Spline Coordinate System Static Perimetry Static Scene Stereo Structure Extraction Sunghir segmentation of tomographic data spiral computed tomography
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