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Articles | Volume XLIV-M-1-2020
24 Jul 2020
 | 24 Jul 2020


G. Barsallo and M. C. Achig

Keywords: Susudel, Conservation, Heritage, Architecture

Abstract. Ecuador is blessed by the presence of age-old buildings and places that deserve to be preserved. One of these places is Susudel, whose historical center was declared Cultural Heritage of Ecuador in 2013. One of the most emblematic buildings in the province of Azuay is located here, the chapel of Susudel. This chapel, which belongs to a large estate, is an example of colonial architecture in which traditional construction techniques and materials have been used, such as adobe, bricks, wood and roof tiles. This ancestral knowledge typical of vernacular heritage architecture deserves to be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations. This investigation shows several constructive elements that give a special technological value to the chapel. The interior of the chapel contains a significant sample of murals, which constitute a religious symbol of the colonial era. The aim of this investigation is to establish conservation strategies through the identification of stakeholders, roles, maintenance actions and maintenance tools that result in a preventive conservation and monitoring plan for the chapel. The methodology used is based on the preventive conservation phases as proposed by ICOMOS 2003: anamnesis, diagnosis, therapy and control, which is complemented by recommendations that include the active participation of the community and institutions responsible for the conservation of built heritage.