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Articles | Volume XLVI-2/W1-2022
25 Feb 2022
 | 25 Feb 2022


M. Balzani and L. Rossato

Keywords: industrial cultural Heritage, 3D documentation, 3D analyses, blast furnaces, Brazil

Abstract. This contribution is based on a joint research project developed by the University of Ferrara, Department of Architecture (Italy) and the Escola Politecnica USP of São Paulo (Brazil) by the which it was possible to scan the interior and exterior surfaces of the ancient blast furnaces of São João do Ipanema, an extraordinary example of industry of cast iron production of the XIX century.

The research was aimed at investigating the evolution of the blast furnace technique exploring a surprisingly rich Brazilian technical literature, with description records and drawings dated between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Beside historical documentation it was also implemented on site a 3D survey campaign of the furnaces to understand how the profiles were modified along the time.

The first outputs of the project were thus focused on the evaluation of the transformation of the equipment in terms of more efficient shapes able to enhance the relationship between blast furnace profile fuel consumption and productivity.

The use of accurate digital technology, the following CAD elaboration of the chimney, the 3d model and the comparison with XIX century technical drawings confirmed that European directors of the plant were familiar with the most advance technical and scientific procedures and brought to the site a great technological improvement by an innovative know-how.