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Articles | Volume XLVI-4/W1-2021
03 Sep 2021
 | 03 Sep 2021


C. Schürmann, D. Geiger, M. Picha, and R. Thomas

Keywords: Traffic management, traffic management strategies, private routing services, mobility data marketplace, mobility services, ITS, data exchange, traffic control centres

Abstract. Digital traffic management solutions are essential for the effective management of the continuing growth of road traffic. However, technical possibilities for implementing traffic management strategies by Traffic Control Centres are limited to a strategic network. At the same time, modern mobility apps from routing services offer road users many options to get informed and guided. The latter usually work independently from traffic management strategies of public authorities. Thus, different route recommendations not only lead to uncertainty of road users, but ultimately to a reduction in the effectiveness of the public traffic management strategies. A direct information exchange between both systems does not yet exist. This however would be a key to more efficient traffic management.

City2Navigation therefore developed a technical concept for a nationwide implementation of a digital data exchange service (C2N service) to link public traffic management with routing services of private vendors. This service fills the gap between both group of actors, thereby serving as a crucial building block for digital traffic management in response to the goals of European and national frameworks for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

The C2N service not only promotes the cooperation of public authorities with private routing services, it also offers a variety of opportunities to develop new business models. It is a complement to C2C and C2X communication solutions in road transport, ultimately also enabling future possibilities for municipalities to conduct efficient and sustainable traffic management.