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Articles | Volume XLVI-4/W3-2021
11 Jan 2022
 | 11 Jan 2022


M. J. Sani, I. A. Musliman, and A. Abdul Rahman

Keywords: GIS, BIM, CityGML, IFC, Conversion algorithm

Abstract. Geographic information system (GIS) is known traditionally for the modelling of two-dimensional (2D) geospatial analysis and therefore present information about the extensive spatial framework. On the other hand, building information modelling (BIM) is digital representation of building life cycle. The increasing use of both BIM and GIS simultaneously because of their mutual relationship, as well as their similarities, has resulted in more relationships between both worlds, therefore the need for their integration. A significant purpose of these similarities is importing BIM data into GIS to significantly assist in different design-related issues. However, currently this is challenging due to the diversity between the two worlds which includes diversity in coordinate systems, three-dimensional (3D) geometry representation, and semantic mismatch. This paper describes an algorithm for the conversion of IFC data to CityGML in order to achieve the set goal of sharing information between BIM and GIS domains. The implementation of the programme developed using python was validated using an IFC model (block HO2) of a student’s hostel, Kolej Tun Fatima (KTF). The conversion is based on geometric and semantic information mapping and the use of 3D affine transformation of IFC data from local coordinate system (LCS) to CityGML world coordinate system (WCS) (EPSG:4236). In order to bridge the gap between the two data exchange formats of BIM and GIS, we conducted geometry and semantic mapping. In this paper, we limited the conversion of the IFC model on level of details 2 (LOD2). The conversion will serve as a bridge toward the development of a software that will perform the conversion to create a strong synergy between the two domains for purpose of sharing information.