The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLVI-M-1-2021
28 Aug 2021
 | 28 Aug 2021


F. Fiorillo, G. Rizzi, and C. Achille

Keywords: Cultural Heritage, Virtual Tour, Remote Fruition, Remote Education, Distant Learning, Spherical Image, Immersive Photography, School-Work project

Abstract. The concept of combining learning activities and Cultural Heritage is a highly effective approach, both in the pandemic era and no. Knowledge and awareness of a place cultural identity by the local community is itself a conservation action. Therefore, a training activity was tested at the “Liceo Leopardi” (Lecco) according to the guidelines of Italian work-school projects. It is an innovative didactic methodology that allows students to combine school training with practical experience in a public or private institution. Since 2015, it has been compulsory in Italy for all high school students. The didactic tool used to face innovative topics related to heritage digitisation and its remote access was the Virtual Tour of the Monumental Complex of Laorca. The VT is a very effective immersive tool and easy to use even for non-expert users. Through some frontal lessons and laboratory activities, the students learned the basic concepts about the acquisition techniques to realise multimedia data (artistic photography, light painting, panoramic photography, video, etc.) to enrich the Laorca complex VT frame. The didactic experimentation was very engaging for the students who created a cultural game for the younger middle school students. The game is structured like a path consisting of 10 phases, designed in two versions: one version played directly on-site and another available online within VT. The research presented aims at the CH digitisation for the involvement and participation of the local community in the territorial identity promotion. The didactic experiment involved students reinforcing the link with their territory.