The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLVI-M-1-2021
28 Aug 2021
 | 28 Aug 2021


A. Psenner, F. Hauer, A. Antoniou, A. Rejentova, and P. Toto

Keywords: Mapping Heritage, Cartography, Crowdsourcing, Collaborative Data Exchange, Big Data, Linking World Heritage Stakeholders

Abstract. The importance of history and the role that culture plays on the population is well defined, but we have never researched culture in a truly collective way. Data digitisation and archiving could be transformed into an exceptional tool for connecting all different users and sectors of cultural heritage into a “Global heritage” interaction and communication. The research undertaken is summarised to the development of a crowdsourcing, interdisciplinary platform, under the name “Heritage for People”.

The paper consists of 6 sections. The first of these concerns a general description of the problem, linked to the risks of cultural heritage. A closer analysis of the risks present in the historic center of Vienna follows. The third paragraph deals with the tools for planning and protecting the cultural heritage of the Austrian capital. The fourth section introduces the “Heritage for People” tool in which a new online platform is outlined. The fifth chapter is instead dedicated to a description of the possible technologies to be used, while the last section illustrates how the proposed platform can have other applications depending on the cultural heritage.