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Articles | Volume XLVIII-1-2024
10 May 2024
 | 10 May 2024

Semi-automated approach towards efficient HD Maps generation and verification with Lanelet2 formats

Yi-Feng Chang, Yen-En Huang, Meng-Lun Tsai, Hatem Darweesh, Kai-Wei Chiang, Mengchi Ai, and Naser El-Sheimy

Keywords: High-Definition Maps, Mobile Laser Scanning, Autonomous Driving, Road Surface Markings, OpenDRIVE, Lanelet2

Abstract. HD Maps (High-Definition Maps) serve as crucial resources for the domain of autonomous vehicle. Because HD Maps can provide detailed and accurate road information, the generation of HD Maps has been a labour-intensive and high cost. This research presents an innovative and semi-automated approach for efficient HD Maps generation by using assure mapping tool with deep learning techniques and mobile laser scanned point cloud geometry. The proposed method starts with data collection from various sources such as images, LiDAR point clouds, and integrated INS/GNSS trajectory data. These data are labelled by using a pre-trained model. After finishing post-labelling, these data are subjected to deep learning training by using VoxelNet and Yolact++ framework and leading to the generation of an AI model. The tool effectively recognizes and categorizes features such as road surface markings, traffic signs, and traffic lights, which can be further expanded as per requirements. Finally, the output format can be converted to OpenDRIVE, Lanelet2, and other else. Hence, the extracted lane lines can compare to the manual mapping data for verifying the accuracy. This study demonstrates that the proposed approach can be instrumental in streamlining the HD Maps generation procedure, reducing manual labour, and enhancing efficiency. The assure mapping tool proves to be an effective instrument, particularly when powered by deep learning algorithms and point cloud geometries, in the creation of reliable, comprehensive, and application-ready HD Maps.