The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLVIII-2/W4-2024
14 Feb 2024
 | 14 Feb 2024


S. Menconero

Keywords: Augmented Reality, Perspective Study, 3D Modelling, Renaissance Painting, Stories of San Bernardino, Pietro Vannucci, Perugino

Abstract. The perspective study of one of the panels from the cycle of San Bernardino attributed to Perugino has revealed a contracted space in depth, represented three-dimensionally by the objective model. In contrast, the ideal model eliminates the contraction and maintains the proportions dictated by the architectural interpretation. The contribution presents an advancement in the perspective study aimed at developing an augmented reality (AR) application. It is designed to be experienced at the museum housing the artwork, serving as an in-depth exploration that explains to visitors the nature of the perspective space and the architectural space represented. The case study of the painting by Perugino becomes an opportunity to define and experiment with a workflow aimed at creating AR applications focused on the visualisation of architectural models derived from the perspective restitution of pictorial works. The description of the adopted method focuses on the following aspects: the use of the pictorial image as an AR marker and the relationship between the perspective picture plane and the 3D model; the optimisation of 3D models for AR visualisation purposes; the issue of the landscape; scene lighting; and the user interface for multilayer interaction.