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Articles | Volume XLVIII-4/W3-2022
02 Dec 2022
 | 02 Dec 2022


N. T. A. Ramaha, H. Abdellatef, and I. R. Karas

Keywords: Intelligent Tutoring System, E-Learning, Motivation, Motivational Tactics, Interactive Avatar

Abstract. Recently, many educational institutions around the world has transformed to online education specially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This fast and in many cases unplanned transformation leads to the needs for more researches to find solutions for the problems of this rapid transformation. As it's the best economic options during this pandemic, this study focused on creating a web-based (asynchronous system) intelligent tutoring system (ITS) to support the teachers in the C programming language course. Nonetheless, the suggested system takes into consideration one of the biggest challenges for asynchronous system which is how to maintain the students' motivation for the entire learning process. Therefore, the current study suggested the use of an interactive ITS as a solution for this challenge. The created system C-ITS used a set of motivational state rules and tactics to assess and maintain the motivation of the students. Finally, after using the system by the students and the teachers for two weeks, we conducted an evaluation study to evaluate the quality of the system design, the usability, the functionality, the compatibility. The result of the evaluation study showed that C-ITS system acceptable from both the students and the teachers.