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Articles | Volume XLVIII-4/W3-2022
02 Dec 2022
 | 02 Dec 2022


S. Lahdya and T. Mazri

Keywords: Autonomous vehicles, Security risks, V2X, 5G, 6G

Abstract. As modern vehicles are sophisticated IoT devices with intelligence, capable of connecting to external infrastructure and utilizing vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications, communications need to be secured so that cyberattacks do not reach their destination. In addition, the various organs of the car (sensors, communications, and controls) can have weaknesses that lead to accidents or potential fatalities. Automakers have a major responsibility for the safety of their customers and should not ignore important security research, but should ensure that important security measures are implemented that are less likely to attack your vehicle. This paper addresses the relevant attacks and threats to modern vehicles and presents a security analysis and possible countermeasures. We discussed the future of modern and autonomous vehicles and concluded that further countermeasures must be taken to create a future-proof concept.