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Volume XLVIII-4/W4-2022, 2022 – Keyword index

Volume XLVIII-4/W4-2022, 2022 – Keyword index


3D 3D Cadastre 3D City Modelling 3D Data 3D Data Integration 3D Modelling 3D Spatial Analysis 3D Standards 3D building reconstruction/modelling 3D cadastre 3D city modeling 3D city models 3D modelling 3D models 3D space 3D-GIS 3DGeoinfo 2022


Cadastral data modelling Cells City Modelling City and Urban Planning CityGML CityJSON Conflict Detection change detection clash detection cost extraction


DSM Decision Support-System Decision-making Deep Learning Deep-learning Design Process Development Envelope Control Digital Planning Digital Twin Digital Twins Digitalisation Dynamo data extraction data visualization


Scenario building Serious gaming Simulation Smart Data Smart Design Smart cities Solar Analysis Space Heating Demand Street Landscape Sub-cell Surface Extraction smart urban governance
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