The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLVIII-4/W7-2023
22 Jun 2023
 | 22 Jun 2023


S. Sobue, Y. Tochigi, K. Kawamura, Y. Ikehata, G. Segami, N. Sugita, K. Hamamoto, and K. Kuroiwa

Keywords: Earth Observation Dashboard, Earth-graphy, ALOS-2, L-band SAR, WMS, WMTS, JAXA

Abstract. JAXA has developed and implemented earth observation (EO) dashboard jointly with ESA and NASA. The development of the JAXA dashboard, along with the "Earth-graphy" website and the newly developed "JAXA Earth API" service, demonstrate JAXA's commitment to providing climate change and earth science information to users worldwide. The EO dashboard serves as a platform to deliver valuable data and information related to climate change. The WMS/WMTS technology allows users to visualize and interact with geospatial information by providing web-based mapping services. This technology enhances the user experience by enabling the display of satellite imagery, overlays, and other geospatial data layers within the EO dashboard. To further facilitate the efficient use of satellite data, JAXA has developed the JAXA Earth API service. This service offers a user-friendly interface for accessing and utilizing JAXA's Earth observation satellite image data. By providing an easy-to-use format, JAXA aims to promote the effective utilization of satellite data and encourage its widespread use. Overall, the development and operation of the JAXA dashboard, with its integration of COG format data, WMS/WMTS technology, Python-based API. This paper introduces the status of development of JAXA Earth Observation dashboard with COG format data, WMS/WMTS technology, phyton based API and JAXA Earth Observation missions.