The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLVIII-4/W9-2024
08 Mar 2024
 | 08 Mar 2024


Y. Gao, J. Liu, J. Liu, Y. Zhang, J. Che, Z. Zhai, B. Zhao, and H. Li

Keywords: Natural Resources, Three-Dimensional Spatiotemporal Database, Distributed Architecture, Database Management System, Survey and Monitoring Data, System Construction, Architecture Design

Abstract. The construction of an efficient and practical database management system based on large-scale three-dimensional spatiotemporal databases presents a novel challenge in the field of natural resource information technology. This research, with the objective of supporting the contemporary era of unified natural resource management and building upon the foundation of a national-level three-dimensional spatiotemporal natural resource database, proposes a comprehensive framework for a distributed architecture database management system. Subsequently, the research outlines the system's components, encompassing a service publishing system, online application system, professional management system, and operational supervision system, and designs core functionalities for the integrated management of natural resource elements within a three-dimensional spatiotemporal context. Building upon this framework, the research utilizes cloud-based database software and hardware environments, along with distributed technology pathways, to establish a national-level three-dimensional spatiotemporal database management system for natural resources. Furthermore, it conducts typical applications in the field of natural resources. The results demonstrate that the database management system effectively achieves the integration, representation, and analytical application of large-scale natural resource survey and monitoring data within a three-dimensional spatiotemporal context. It plays a crucial supportive role in the development of a national-level three-dimensional spatiotemporal natural resource database and holds valuable insights for the construction of provincial-level database management systems and other related systems in various domains.