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Articles | Volume XLVIII-5/W2-2023
13 Jun 2023
 | 13 Jun 2023


K.-K. Kassymkanova, K. B. Rysbekov, M. B. Nurpeissova, G. M. Kyrgizbayeva, B. B. Amralinova, S. T. Soltabaeva, A. Salkynov, and G. Jangulova

Keywords: Geophysical methods, Fracturing, Rock Mass, Seismic survey, Fields, Model

Abstract. Geophysical methods of rock mass survey are one of the most effective ways of solving various problems in mining and are widely used in mining, gas and oil industries, as well as in science. They allow carrying out prospecting and evaluation works remotely, to reveal structural heterogeneities, cavities, contact zones of different media in rock mass with rather high accuracy. At the stage of designing a mining enterprise and making major decisions, it is necessary to have reliable information about the tectonic structure of the undermined and adjacent massif and parameters of its geodynamic activity. For this purpose, special studies of the tectonic structure of the rock massif must be carried out and the parameters of modern geodynamic movements must be determined. The most complete information about tectonic disturbances, identification of gliding surfaces, zones of macrofracturing are provided by geophysical methods of rock mass survey.

In the article analysis of study of structural-tectonic structure of ore areas, separation and specification of ore-controlling structures, detection and depth mapping of ore-controlling faults, volume mapping of intrusive massifs based on previously conducted geophysical research in Zhezkazgan syncline area carried out. Geological and geophysical conditions of the central ore field (presence of rich bodies with high electric conductivity, considerable thicknesses of ore bodies, etc.) were favorable for application of various geophysical methods to search and trace rich ore bodies occurring at low depths.

Moreover, possibilities of application of seismic works are considered at the solution of problems of ore geology in difficult mining-geological conditions of Kazakhstan.