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Volume XXXVIII-5/W16, 2011 – Keyword index

Volume XXXVIII-5/W16, 2011 – Keyword index


360<sup>º</sup> screen 360<sup>º</sup> video 3D 3D Internet 3D Laser Scanning 3D Modeling 3D Modelling 3D Photogrammetry 3D data integration 3D interactive model 3D model 3D modeling 3D modelization 3D modelling 3D models from images 3D online 3D publishing 3D reconstruction 3D reconstructions 3D scanner 3D scanning 3D visualisation 3d modeling 3d modelling, 3d photo scanner 3d scanner 3d scanning


Accuracy Acquisition Additive Manufacturing Affecting Parameters Akoris Algorithms Archaeology Architectonical Informative Systems Architectonical surveying Architectural Model Architectural Modelling Architectural reconstruction Architecture Augmented Reality Autocalibration Automation accuracy analysis analytical processing anastylosis ancient Greek art apparent micro-relief archaeology architectural design architectural styles architecture


CAD CAD modeling Calibration Close Range Clustering Communication System Comparison Computer Vision Computer simulation Computer-Aided Design Copan Cultural Features Cultural Heritage Cultural Hertiage Cultural landscape Culture Heritage case study church city visualization climate change community complex architecture conservation constrained mesh cottish Ten cultural heritage cultural heritage</b>


Data Processing Database Databases Declarative 3D in Web-Bowser Delaunay triangulation and the Bézier spline Design Design model Digital Architecural Multilayered Archive Digital Atlas Digital Photogrammetry dense reconstruction dense surface model digital archives digital data digital documentation digital model digital three-dimensional model digital workflow displacement map documentation dynamic interaction


Education Estimation Euclid Europeana explorative interface


Iconography Image Based Modeling Image Matching Image-based modeling Image-based-modeling Integrated survey Integration of techniques Integration, Representation Interactive media access Interoperability image matching image modeling immersive environment information visualization, architectural heritage innovative virtual modelling software inspection interactive applications interactivity


Landscape Landscape reconstruction Laser Scanner Laser Scanning Laser scanning Level of Detail LiDAR Livari Cheromylia Louvre Lynx laser scanning learning objects


Map editing Maritime Cultural Heritage Matching Matching</b> Maya Measured Model Measurement model MeshLab Minoan Crete Mobile Mapper Model acquisition Modeling Modelling Monolithic column Moving Object marble sculpture meshing mobile technologies monitoring, visualisation multi-disciplinary recording. multimedia guide


PDF PDF visualization Parameters Photogrammetry Point Clouds Point cloud visualization Polygonal modeling Pottery distribution Processing Protocol painted surfaces panoramic screen panoramic video photo-realism photogrammetric scanning photogrammetry polychromies post-processualism pre-computed rendering primitives procedural modeling procedural modelling product structure projective transformations


Rapid prototyping Ray Tracing/Ray Casting Real-Time Graphics Reconstruction Reconstruction Algorithms Regional Segmentation Reliability Representation Representation model Representation,3D modelling Represented Model Restoration Restoration of Processing Reverse Engineering Rich Multimedia Content Roman fortress Roofs</b> range map real time rendering real-time rendering reconstruction recording rectification rendering resource exploration


San Tommaso da Villanova in Castel Gandolfo Scanner comparison Segmentation Semantic organization Shadow Area Software Solid Model Solid image Spatial analysis Spinning Globes Stereo vision Story telling Structure and Motion Sun Altitude Angle Surface Analysis Survey Surveying scene classification sea-level rise shaders shape transformation simulation sowns and chains space-time modelling spatio-temporal data stereoscopic visualization structured-light supervised learning surface reconstruction surface registration survey


TOF scanning Terrestrial Laser Scanners Texture Theoretical Model Three-dimensional survey Tool Marks technological integration terrestrial laser scanning texture texture mapping translucency true-orthoimage two-dimensional representation


Virtual Archaeology, Video Virtual Heritage Virtual Museum Virtual Museums Virtual Reality Virtual environment Virtual museum Virtual reality Visual Communication Visualisation Visualization Vivid 910 and Geomagic Studio virtual virtual game virtual museums visualisation visualization


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