The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XL-3/W2
10 Mar 2015
 | 10 Mar 2015


L. Chen, F. Rottensteiner, and C. Heipke

Keywords: Image Matching, Representation Learning, Autoencoder, Pooling, Learning Descriptor, Descriptor Evaluation

Abstract. In this paper we present several descriptors for feature-based matching based on autoencoders, and we evaluate the performance of these descriptors. In a training phase, we learn autoencoders from image patches extracted in local windows surrounding key points determined by the Difference of Gaussian extractor. In the matching phase, we construct key point descriptors based on the learned autoencoders, and we use these descriptors as the basis for local keypoint descriptor matching. Three types of descriptors based on autoencoders are presented. To evaluate the performance of these descriptors, recall and 1-precision curves are generated for different kinds of transformations, e.g. zoom and rotation, viewpoint change, using a standard benchmark data set. We compare the performance of these descriptors with the one achieved for SIFT. Early results presented in this paper show that, whereas SIFT in general performs better than the new descriptors, the descriptors based on autoencoders show some potential for feature based matching.