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11 Aug 2014
 | 11 Aug 2014

Photogrammetric Technique for Timber Stack Volume Contol

V. A. Knyaz and A. A. Maksimov

Keywords: Accuracy, Non-contact measurements, Close-range Photogrammetry, Calibration, Woodworking industry

Abstract. The problem of accurate log volume measurement is a very important, especially in case of seaport volume control where logs are put in a huge stack of hundred meters length and a time for volume control is strongly restricted. Current technology of volume control use manual means such as measuring tape, so the process of measurement is rather inaccurate and time consuming. To estimate the volume of timber stack its frontal area is measured and some control parts of a stack are used for stacking coefficient (wood density in a stack) determination. Non-contact vision based technique is proposed for manual measurements substituting. The developed methods are implemented in portable photogrammetric system for stack parameters measuring and documenting.