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Articles | Volume XL-3
11 Aug 2014
 | 11 Aug 2014

Structure-from-motion for MAV image sequence analysis with photogrammetric applications

J. L. Schönberger, F. Fraundorfer, and J.-M. Frahm

Keywords: Structure-from-motion, 3D reconstruction, MAV, image sequences, low-resolution, close-range

Abstract. MAV systems have found increased attention in the photogrammetric community as an (autonomous) image acquisition platform for accurate 3D reconstruction. For an accurate reconstruction in feasible time, the acquired imagery requires specialized SfM software. Current systems typically use high-resolution sensors in pre-planned flight missions from far distance. We describe and evaluate a new SfM pipeline specifically designed for sequential, close-distance, and low-resolution imagery from mobile cameras with relatively high frame-rate and high overlap. Experiments demonstrate reduced computational complexity by leveraging the temporal consistency, comparable accuracy and point density with respect to state-of-the-art systems.