The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-4/W16
14 Oct 2019
 | 14 Oct 2019


D. Laksono, T. Aditya, and G. Riyadi

Keywords: LOD1, SfM, 3Dfiers, Land Information, Unity3D, Mapbox

Abstract. Developing a 3D city model is always a challenging task, whether on how to obtain the 3D data or how to present the model to users. Lidar is often used to produce real-world measurement, resulting in point clouds which further processed into a 3D model. However, this method possesses some limitation, e.g. tedious, expensive works and high technicalities, which limits its usability in a smaller area. Currently, there exists pipeline utilize point-clouds from Lidar data to automate the generation of 3D city model. For example, 3dfier ( is a software capable of generating LoD 1 3D city model from lidar point cloud data. The resulting CityGML file could further be used in a 3D GIS viewer to produce an interactive 3D city model. This research proposed the use of Structure from Motion (SfM) method to obtain point cloud from UAV data. Using SfM to generate point clouds means cheaper and shorter production time, as well as more suitable for smaller area compared to LiDAR. 3Dfier could be utilized to produce 3D model from the point cloud. Subsequently, a game engine, i.e. Unity 3D, is utilized as the visualization platform. Previous works shows that a game engine could be used as an interactive environment for exploring virtual world based on real-world measurement and other data, such as parcel boundaries. This works shows that the process of generating 3D city model could be achieved using the proposed pipeline.