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Volume XLIV-M-3-2021, 2021 – Keyword index

Volume XLIV-M-3-2021, 2021 – Keyword index


ASPRS Above-ground Biomass Aboveground Biomass Adaptation New Habits Aerial images Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Approximate Driving Distance Arctic Artemisia tridentata Augmentations accuracy


Calibration Carbon Sequestration Change Analysis Change Detection Channel attention Characterization Classification Computer vision Covid-19 Cross-modal classification convolutional neural network (CNN)


LULC Land Surface Temperature Land cover Land use change Landsat Landsat8 Landscape Metrics LiDAR Lidar Light Gradient Boosting Machine Loss Function Lucknow lidar


MODIS Machine Learning Mapping Mask R-CNN Meta-learning Metadata Microwave remote sensing Minerals Mobile Laser Scanning Mobile Mapping Mosaics Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Approach (MCDMA) Multi-Task Learning machine learning maximum likelihood


Quadratic Discernment Analysis


REDD+ Random Forest Remote Sensing Remote sensing Renewable energy Road Networks Rollers Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Rooftops Extraction remote sensing renewable energy


SAMA-VTOL SNIP SSIM STEM SVM Satellite imagery Scene classification Sentinel-2 Shannon's entropy Siamese Network Smart Energy City Solar PV Potential Spatial Analysis Spatio-temporal Spectral NITF Implementation Profile Standards Suitability Analysis Suitability Map Surface urban heat island Sustainable Development Goals Synthetic Aperture Radar Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) socioeconomic spatial support vector machines
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