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Volume XLVI-3/W1-2022, 2022 – Keyword index

Volume XLVI-3/W1-2022, 2022 – Keyword index


DNN DOP Damage Assessment Deep Learning Depth sensor Difference-in-Differences (DID) Direction Finding Distance detection Doppler deep learning device heterogeneity


IMU calibration Method INS Image Classification Algorithm Image Identification Image Matching Image Processing Image Retrieval Inception-Resnet-v2 model Indoor Localization Indoor Navigation Indoor Navigation and Positioning Indoor Positioning Indoor localization Indoor positioning Inertial Navigation Information Fusion Information fusion Integrated Navigation Integrated navigation indoor localization indoor pedestrian network indoor positioning inertial navigation systems internet of things technology (IoT) iteration unscented Kalman filter


MEMS MEMS Inertial Sensors Magnetic Dipole Model Magnetic Sensor Manhattan world Millimeter wave radar Monitoring Multi-GNSS Multi-Sensor Information Fusion Multi-sensor Integration Multipath migration learning morphology similarity distance multi-frequency GNSS multiple RSS fingerprint


PGD PPP Particle swarm optimization Path loss model Pedestrian Localization Pedestrian Navigation Pedestrian Tracking Pedestrian positioning Permanent tide Pixel Category Place Recognition Place recognition Pose Estimation Positioning Positioning Accuracy Power-Accuracy Trade-off Prospects for development Pseudo-observation particle filter pedestrian dead reckoning performance


SLAM Sampling Rate Satellite Imagery Satellite remote images Scene Recognition Seafloor Geodesy Second-level cesium atomic clock Self-learning Self-localization Sensor fusion Shopping Mall Signal Space Score Map Signal Tracking Smartphone Navigation Sonar data Sound velocity Spatiotemporal Big-data Spread spectrum technology signal strength smartphone smartphones
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