The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLVI-4/W6-2021
18 Nov 2021
 | 18 Nov 2021


A. M. R. Abante

Keywords: exposure-stance, proximity, accessibility, connectivity, risk reality, OSM

Abstract. The paper presents an exposure-stance concept model with three basic elements: proximity regarded as a measurement of nearness, accessibility which refers to the road stance serviceability that convey the people or goods from place to place by means of a vehicle, and connectivity of uncontrolled activities i.e. road and/or building constructions, nearness (measurement) information to be reached from or to be reached by to transport people and resources regardless if it traverses the danger or hazard zones in the slopes of Mayon Volcano. The challenging work is modelling the level of exposure-stances operationally defined as the accessibility in terms of road stance serviceability, connectivity in terms of road constructed and building footprints’ nearness measurement with danger or hazard zones relative to the risk reality phenomenon information happening in Mayon Volcano. This paper practically highlighted results, specifically on the matrix of levels of exposure-stances contexts that creates knowledge prompted by spatial information (nearness measurements) featuring accessibility, connectivity, proximity, risk reality, danger and hazards zones, and OSM roads and building footprints variables. The study concluded that rejecting roads and building (lines and polygons) mimics the perpetual relocation of exposed residents. Also, closing the proclaimed protected forest areas to any activities will likely nil exposure, thus lowering risk hotspot level of significance. Hence, nulling exposure stance variable if not dispersing exposure featuring roads and buildings within the protected areas, development constraint areas, and permanent and extended danger zones of Mayon Volcano has a practical implication to stabilize and sustain developments at the foot slopes of the volcano.