The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLVI-4/W6-2021
18 Nov 2021
 | 18 Nov 2021


N. B. Gatdula, B. J. D. Jiao, J. A. Laurente, A. C. Blanco, J. M. Medina, D. Fargas, and G. A. Narciso

Keywords: Web Portal, GIS, water quality, Manila Bay, IM4ManilaBay, MapABLE, MASDAN

Abstract. Products and outputs for water quality monitoring are made available in the IM4ManilaBay MapABLE Web Portal, a web-based GIS platform that serves as a repository of processed maps for Manila Bay and linked systems. The Portal is also linked with the MASDAN mobile application that has been developed to allow the public to report different environmental issues. The web development involved the utilization of geospatial content management system, spatial database system, operating systems, programming, and style language. Services included frontend and backend development. The Web Portal serves as a repository for all outputs derived for water quality monitoring. It contains processed results, technical overview on the developed models and tools, historical data viewing and use of basic geoprocessing tools, and viewing of reported incidents from the MASDAN app. It is expected that the Web Portal will contribute significantly in the efforts of communities and environmental agencies to implement policies for sustainable development and management of Manila Bay and its watershed.