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Volume XLVIII-1/W1-2023, 2023 – Keyword index

Volume XLVIII-1/W1-2023, 2023 – Keyword index


360° images 3D Indoor Mapping 3D LiDAR 3D LiDAR maps 3D Reconstruction 3D integrated metric survey 3D keypoints 3D models 3D object extraction 3D survey 3D surveying 3DMA GNSS


ACM Systems Air quality Arbitrary Orientation Estimation ArcGIS Instant Apps Archaeology As-built modelling Assisted Direct Georeferencing Attitude and Heading Reference System Autonomous Driving Autonomous Driving Vehicles Autonomous Exploration Autonomous Vehicles abandoned waste accuracy aesthetic judgement agriculture ambiguity fixation


B-Splines BLE Backpack MMS Backpack platform Bathymetry Big Data Biomass Blue Carbon Bologna Briga Building engineering Buildings maintenance Burned Areas building model built heritage bundle adjustment


CNN-Speed-Model COLMAP Camera Camera LiDAR Integration Car tracking Cave tourism Census Citizen Science Co-registration Collaborative navigation Confined spaces Crisis and Disaster Management Crown diameter Cultural Heritage cadastral mapping centimeters accuracy check point RMS circular economy classification classifier complex environments concrete decay analysis creek


DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2 DTM Data Fusion Database Dead loads Debris flows Deep Learning Depth Map Digital Twin Digital documentation Digital elevation model (DEM) Digital twins Direct Georeferencing Distress Drones Dual scale contrastive learning Dual-camera System Dual-frequency GNSS Dynamic Environment Dynamic data augmentation deep learning diameter at breast height


FGO FTM Fast 3D Reconstruction Fingerprinting Fisheye camera Forest Forest Fire Forest Parameters Extraction Forestry automation fMRI feature extraction feature extraction/matching features fisheye lenses forest inventory


GIS GIS tools GLONASS (GLObal NAvigation Satellite System) GNSS GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) GNSS High-Challenge GNSS challenges GNSS denied GNSS-denied environments GNSS/INS trajectory enhancement GPS GPS (Global Positioning System) Galileo Gazebo Geomatics Georeferencing Giampilieri Global Navigation Satellite System Greedy Optimization Ground Segmentation geospatial data geostatistics


ICP INS (Inertial System) INS/GNSS Integration IO IOT ITD Image Processing Image Segmentation Image alignment Image reconstruction Image restoration Indoor Indoor Mobile Mapping System Indoor Positioning Indoor UAV Inertial Measurement Units Inertial Navigation Inertial Navigation System Infrastructure Interpolation Models image analysis image blurring image compression image semantic segmentation indoor indoor Mobile Mapping System


Landsat Laser Scanning Laser scanning LiDAR LiDAR SLAM LiDAR point cloud data LiDAR simulation Lidar Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) Litter detection LoD LoRa Localization Low-Cost Low-Cost LiDAR Low-cost sensor landscape assessment laser point cloud


MEMS LiDAR MLS MMS MMS (Mobile Mapping System) MMSs Machine Learning Machine Vision Mapping Matching geometry Microsoft HoloLens Mobile Laser Scanner Mobile Laser Scanning Mobile Mapping Mobile Mapping System Mobile Mapping Systems Mobile Mapping Technology Mobile laser scanner Mobile mapping system Mobile robotics Monitoring Moocular Depth Estimation Multi-Sensor Systems Multi-View Stereo Photogrammetry Multi-camera Multi-robot cooperative SLAM Multi-spectral camera machine learning mapping mobile mapping multispectral


PPK Parking space management Pavement cracking Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Pedestrian Positioning Pedestrian tracking Peloritani Perception Systems Performance analysis Performance evaluation Photogrammetry Point Cloud Point Cloud Classification Point Cloud-Derived Images Point cloud Point cloud semantic segmentation Pole-like objects Portable Mobile Mapping Systems Positioning and Navigation Precise Point Positioning Precision Agriculture Prehistory Prior Point Clouds Maps personal laser scanning phase measurements photogrammetry point cloud point cloud semantic segmentation point clouds post-processed kinematic


RANSAC RGB-D RGB-D Camera RTK RTLS Random Forest Raspberry Real-Time Real-time Real-time positioning Refraction correction Refreshed-SLAM Registration Relative Orientation Remote Sensing Ricoh Theta S Risk analysis Road Surface Markings Road inspection Roughness Runout Rut Depth radar rapid mapping real-time remote sensing


SITL SLAM SLAM benchmark SLAM technology SWIFT by FARO Segmentation Semi-automatic Algorithm Sensor Fusion Sensor Integration Sensor Orientation Shaped DSM Sicily Sidebar Apps Single-frequency GNSS Smartphone Smartphone positioning Smartwatch Social Geography Spatial Analysis Spatial maps Stereo Visual Odometry Structure from Motion Structure-from-Motion Super point generation Support Vector Machine System Calibration salinity satellite scan-to-BIM scan2bim shoreline extraction smartphone positioning soil surveying system calibration


TLS Technology Characterization TeoKIT Terrestrial Laser Scanning Theoretical Analysis Thermal camera Tidal Wetlands Time Synchronization Traffic monitoring Trajectory Trajectory Enhancement Trajectory Estimation Transport Demand Transport Supply Trimble Applanix PCDA TM topographic database trajectory data tree biometrics tree height


UAS UAS photogrammetry UAV UAV MMS UAV Path Planning UAV Photogrammetry UAV/UAS UGV UWB Ubiquitous Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles Underground Mining Underground Quarry Underwater Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Urban Urban Cultural Heritage Urban Form Urban Heat Island Effect Urban Microclimate Urban climate urban urban management urban mapping


V-SLAM VINS Venice Lagoon Vision Vision-based Navigation Visual Odometry Visual SLAM Visual localization Visual odometry Volunteered Geography Voxel Voxels vSLAM view virtual tour
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