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Articles | Volume XLVIII-1/W2-2023
13 Dec 2023
 | 13 Dec 2023


M.-L. Tsai, K.-W. Chiang, C.-Y. Hsieh, S. Lin, S. Srinara, and Y.-T. Chiu

Keywords: High Definition Maps Guideline, Standard, UAS, SLAM, Ground Control Point

Abstract. In Taiwan, map companies have to referenced the HD Maps guideline and standard which published in TAICS, Taiwan to make ensure the quality of data. The procedure costs lots of times and resources. In order to increase the capability and mileage of HD Maps, this study try to use diverse surveying method and different kinds of sources for ground control points to produce the maps. The test field is National expressway No.8 in Taiwan. With different ground control points sources issue, we measure the features as ground control points and check points from UAS orthophoto. The preliminary results show that the absolute accuracy is suitable the requirement of HD Maps guidelines. With the diverse surveying method topic, we use sensor data from autonomous vehicle and SLAM algorithms to make HD Maps. The preliminary map results can be used as a base map to accomplish the concept of ground control point cloud. It can be used as ground control point to establishment, update, and overlay other point cloud data. On the other hand, these point clouds can be provided for application of SAE Level 3 autonomous vehicle to achieve the positioning accuracy of where in lane (0.5 meter). The flexible producing methods are helpful for formulating and renewing our HD Maps guideline and standard. These experiences will improve the efficiency and integrity for making map.