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Volume XL-1/W5, 2015 – Keyword index

Volume XL-1/W5, 2015 – Keyword index


AHP ASTER Accuracy Improvement Address Address matching Adjacency Matrix Agent-based Simulation Agent-based simulation Agricultural water allocation Air Pollution Alarm River Amplitude Dispersion Index (ADI) Ant Colony Optimization Arduino Artificial Neural Network As Assessment Astro-geodetic Attitude correction Automated Calibration Automatic 3D modeling Automatic Road Extraction Automatic Traffic Assessment Automatic illegal building detection air pollution alpha analytics


Bam city Bees Algorithm Big Data Biochemical analysis Biogeography-based Optimisation Black Sea Brightness Temperature Building Bundle Adjustment band reduction building façade building infractions


CCTV Camera COSMO-SkyMed Cadastre Calibration Test-Stands Camera Alignment-Testing Camera Optical-Testing Campaign BioSAR Canopy density Canopy height Carbon Monoxide Causeway Bridge Change Detection Chaos Check-in Data Chlorophyll-a CityGML Classification Climate Change Climate Variability Close Range Photogrammetry Coastal Sea Level Change Compact polarimetry Conceptual models Context-Aware Convective Storm Correlogram Crack Crop Classification change detection classification close range photogrammetry clustering completeness correlation coefficient crawler critical points


D-functions DEM DEM Accuracy Improvement DEM Matching DEM generation DEM structure DSM DVI Damage Map Dark-spot detection Data Collection Data Mining Data Quality Data comparison Data credibility Data integration Data-driven models Database matching Decision Level Fusion Defect Detection Deficit irrigation Degree of polarization Demand-responsive transport Dense Density Levels Density histogram Descriptive Analytical Method Difference image Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient Digital Camera Digital Elevation Model Digital Elevation Models Dimension Reduction Direct Geo-referencing Disaster Management Displacement Distributed Computing Dr. Bahramnia forest plan of Gorgan Drill Cores Drought Dryland Dual Circular Polarisation mode Dust Dynamic Schema Dynamic pulse function data access data mining


ENVISAT ERS Earth-Observation images Earthquake Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment Emergency Emotion Contagion Enhance Vegetated area Entity Recognition Envi Environmental condition Epipolar Line Epipolar resampling Eshnan Eucalyptus Evacuation Extrinsic Calibration entropy environmental decision making environmental monitoring estimation of scale parameter (ESP)


FPGA Feature Selection Fisheye Camera Calibration Floating Car Data Forest height estimation Freeze-Thaw Frozen Soil Fused surface currents Fusion Fuzzy Fuzzy-AHP feature extraction feature selection filtering


GASVM GIS GML documents GNSS GPS GPS observables GPS stochastic model Gaussian Mixture model Genetic Algorithm Genetic algorithm Geo-location GeoSPARQL Geocoding Geolocation Geology Geometry Geosensor networks Geospatial Information System Geostrophic currents Grammar-based algorithm Graph Matching Ground Control Points Group Multi Criteria Decision Making genetic algorithm gradients


Harmony Search Algorithm Hazard High Resolution High Resolution Aerial Imagery High Resolution LiDAR Data High resolution Satellite Image High resolution satellite imagery High resolution satellite stereo images High-resolution images Hough Transform Hyperion Hyperspatial Resolution Hyperspectral Hyperspectral Image Hyperspectral images height displacement hyperspectral image (HIS) hyperspectral images hyperspectral imaging hyperspectral remote sensing


IHS-GA method Image Image Matching Image Processing Image-based 3D reconstruction Imaging Spectroscopy InSAR Index of Agreement IndoorGML Industrial effluent Infectious Disease Interferometry Internet of Things Ionosphere Irano-Turanian zone integer ambiguity resolution (IAR)


LANDSAT8 images LSM LST Lake Urmia Land Cover Land Cover Classification Land Surface Temperature Land Use Change Land use Compatibility Land-use Landsat Images Landsat Satellite Landscape description Landslide Large Scale Mapping Least-squares variance component estimation (LS-VCE) Leptospirosis LiDAR LiDAR Data Lidar Lidar Data Linear Trend Linear mixing Literal matching LoD3 Location Based Social Network laboratory measurements lake area lake shrinkage land surface temperature land use land cover landfill least square matching limited training samples low-cost system


MCDM MODIS MODIS Ocean Color Product Majority Voting Managed forest Matching Mean Square Error Mesh Mesoscale Microscopic Simulation Mineralogy Minimum Noise Mobile sensor Mobility Modelling Monitoring Moving Object Trajectory Multi-Criteria Multi-Temporal Data Multi-Temporal Interferometry Multi-criteria Multi-objective Optimization Multi-temporal Images Multiresolution Multisensor Multispectral Multivariate Adaptive Regression Spline Mutual Information Mýtina maar marker selection model-based decomposition multi quadric multi-temporal satellite images multiresolution segmentation


Natural Language Processing Natural Resources Navigation Naïve Bayes Classifier Near-Census River Science Nearness Network RTK Neural Network Neuromorphics Nitrogen Dioxide Non-Parametric Regression Normalized Fluorescence Line Height Now-casting neural network noise assessment non-ground points


O/D Matrix OGC OMI OSM OWA Object-based Object-based Image Analysis Ocean Tide Models Oil pollution Online Prediction Ontology OpenStreetMap Opposition-based Learning Optical Optical flow Optimization Orbit Ordered Weighted Averaging Orthophoto Orthophoto precision Orthophoto quality Outlier Detection Overlay Function object based image analysis (OBIA) orthophoto elongation


PSInSAR Pan sharpening Parallel Projection Geometry Parameter Determination Passive Microwave Pavement Management Pb Pedestrian Wayfinding Persistent Scatterer Candidate Personalization Photogrammetry Pixel Purity Index (PPI) Plan Playa Point Clouds Point cloud Point of Interest PolInSAR Polarimetric Optimization Polarimetric SAR Images Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PolSAR) Polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (POLSAR) Polarimetry Positional Accuracy Pothole Precipitable Water Vapour Precipitation Principal Component Analysis physical computing point cloud point clouds point’s classification polarimetric target decomposition (PTD) producer’s accuracy


RANSAC RPC RS RTK Radiative Flux Radiosonde Random textures Raspberry Pi Rational Polynomial Coefficients Ray-DSM intersection Reaction Time Receiver Operating Characteristic Recommender System Red Tide Reference Height Model Regional Assessment Registration Remote Sensing Remote sensing Requirements Rice Roads damage map Route Finding Route Planning Route planning remote sensing representation coefficients


SAR SAR image matching SAR images SDI SGM SIFT SMCE SMOS SVM SVM Classification SVM Classifier SWE Sagnac Effect Salient element Salient times Santinel-1 Satellite Altimetry Satellite Image Scale parameter Sea surface currents Sea surface wind Seasonal Variations Segmentation Semantic Web Semantic Web solution Semantic integration Semantic web Semi Global Matching (SGM) Sensor SfM Shadow Detection Shallow Rivers Bathymetry Ship detection Shoreline Changes Simulated annealing Simulation runoff Single-Shot Camera Calibration Site selection Small image tiles Smart boards Smart-Watch Sensors Smartphone Snow Depth Soil fertility Soil testing Spatial Spatial Analysis Spatial Distribution Spatial Search Engine Spatial Statistics Spatial distribution Speckle Spectral Feature Fitting (SFF) Spectral Index Spreading Activation Stereoradiography Structure from Motion Subpixel Subway Systems Success rate Summary statistic Support Vector Machine Support Vector Regression Surface Temperature Sustainable Urban Development Sustainable management Sustainable transportation Svr Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite images satellite rainfall data search engine segmentation semantic definition sensor sentinel software spatial documents spectral correction spectral transfers spectral-spatial classification stepper motor storage and retrieval strong scatter subsidence supervised classification


T-Test TES TOPSIS TSX SpotLight TZK2-D Tamar station TanDEM-X Target Decompositions Targeted Classification Tehran Temperature Inversion Temporal Schedule Temporal- Spatial Potentiality Evaluation TerraSAR-X Terrestrial Laser Scanner Test-Stand Design Texture Analysis Texture Feature The Blind Thermal Imagery Thermal Inertia Thermal Video Thermal remote sensing Tide Gauge Time series analysis Tolerances Total Electron Content Tourism Tropospheric Ozone target detection temperature texture feature texture-less objects the Strait of Hormuz thermal dilation three-dimensional model turntable


UAV UAV Photogrammetry UAV images Ubi GIS Ubiquitous Health Ubiquitous Service Ultra-cam-x UltraCam Ultracam Images Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem Underground Water Underground surveying Unmanaged forest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Updating Urban Air Pollution Urban Area Urban Climate Urban Heat Island Urban Maps Urban Planning Urban Traffic Data Urbanization Urmia Basin Urmia Bridge Urmia Lake User-based system ubiquitous GIS ubiquitous sensor networks ultrasonic sensor unlabeled samples selection urban heat islands


Zenith Tropospheric Delay (ZTD)
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