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Volume XLII-2/W17, 2019 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-2/W17, 2019 – Keyword index


360° camera 3D 3D CityDB 3D Modeling 3D Point cloud 3D Reconstruction 3D geovisualisation 3D modeling 3D modelling 3D overlays 3D point clouds 3D printing 3DHOP 3DmoveR 3d laser scanning 3d model 3d reconstruction


Airborne LiDAR Android Archaeological Documentation Archaeological Heritage Archaeology Architectural Survey Augmented Reality Automotive accuracy ancient construction archaeology architectural heritage


BIM BIM level Baubotanik Bergamo Bifocal images Boat Building Building Information Modeling Building Information Modelling Building aggregates Bundle Adjustment built environment bundle adjustment


Camera Calibration Camera Module Camera Network Centimetric City models Classification Close range photogrammetry Colombia Cultural Heritage Conservation Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage; Augmented reality Cultural heritage camera calibration co-registration colour control container cross-platform cross-polarised light cultural heritage


DBAT DSM DTM Data Integration Deep learning Denoising Depth sensor Derivative Models Descriptive geometry Deviation Analysis Diagnostics of the Cultural Heritage Digital Documentation Digital Heritage Documentation Digital Survey Digital Twins Dimension Direct georeferencing Documentation of Cultural Heritage data fusion dense image matching drone drones


FARO Focus S 350 FEM FOSS Façade representation Feature Points Extraction Feature extraction Fisheye Fisheye Lens Foldio 360 Freecad Fresco fragments fisheye geometry fisheye photogrammetry flexible computations


IMU Image Processing Image recognition Image-Based modelling Imola Indoor Indoor Point Clouds Indoor Spaces Infrared Photography image orientation indoor indoor mapping inpainting integration


LIDAR La Rebeca Laser Scanner Lidar Low Cost Low cost photogrammetry Low-Cost Low-cost Low-cost camera living architecture living root bridges localization low cost low-cost low-cost 3D technologies low-cost sensor


MVS Mapping quality Metric Quality Assessment Micro Aerial Vehicles Microphotogrammetry Mobile Augmented Reality Mobile Camera Mobile Mapping Modeling Modified Camera Monocular SLAM Multi-Spectral Multispectral Camera maintenance marker-based masonry bridges methodology mobile laser scanning mobile mapping modelling multispectral images


Perspective drawing Photogrammetry Pix4d Point Cloud Point Clouds Point cloud processing Points cloud Polygon-model Potree Processing and Visualization ProjectLibre Python photogrammetry point cloud point cloud representation point clouds pose estimation


SFM Photogrammetry SLAM San Agustín No. 28 Sant’Agostino Church Segmentation Seismic vulnerability Semantic information Semantic segmentation Semi-Automatic Service Oriented SfM SfM Photogrammetry Smartphone Smartphone imaging Sparse Point Cloud Spatial Indexation Steel Structures Stereo Vision Stereo vision Structure From Motion Structure-from-Motion Structure-from-Motion (SfM) Structure-from-Motion data Structured light scanner simultaneous localization and mapping stereo structural analysis


TLS TOF camera Terrestrial Laser Scanner Terrestrial Lidar Terrestrial Photogrammetry Tetracam μMCA Thermal Three-dimensional restitution Time-of-Flight camera Triangle Mesh technical component modeling test environment trifocal tensor


UAV UAV -Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV Photogrammetry UAV mapping ultra-light drone underwater unity 3D usability user logging user testing


Vignetting Reduction Virtual Heritage Virtual Reality Virtual Survey Virtual gallery Virtual reality validation videogrammetry virtual city virtual museum virtual reality
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