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Volume XLVIII-4/W1-2022, 2022 – Keyword index

Volume XLVIII-4/W1-2022, 2022 – Keyword index


AI analysis API Academic Track Accelerometer Accessibility Active transport Aereal Imagery Aerosol Optical Depth Agricultural land protection Agriculture Algorithm American Viticultural Areas Analysis Annotation Apache Avro Apuan Alps Archaeological site Architectural Heritage Architecture Array Database Artificial Intelligence Automatic Data Validation actinia aerial images agricultural areas analytics application outreach artificial intelligence artificial neural network atmospheric correction


BIM Benchmark Big Data Big Earth data Big data Binary data serialization Biodiversity Biodiversity Monitoring Bird migration Blockchain Building Excavation Building Footprints Built-in QGIS tools Burkina Faso bands correlation bees monitoring building detection


CORINE LC Citizen Science CityGML Client-side Web Mapping Climate Climate Change Climate Indices Climate Justice Climate Resilience Information Systems Climate Service Climate change Climate resilience CloudCompare Clustering Clusters evaluation Collaborative software Construction Copernicus Customized DEM channel morphology civil protection classification climate data collaborative web mapping connectivity crowdsourced open data


DBSCAN DEM generation DOI Data Analysis Data Cube Data Quality Data Visualization Data representation Dataset Deep learning Dictionary Digital Inventory Digital Twin Digital Twin Earth Disaster Response Mapping Do-It-Yourself Dynamic Topic Modelling deep learning disparity map dissemination


EO data cubes Earth Observation Earth Systems Earth observation Edge-otsu Engineering Environmental Environmental acoustics e-Governement earth observation elevation environmental management


FAIR FOSS4G FOSS4G software Feature selection Field Data Collection FlatGeoBuf Flood Mapping Florence Formia forests free and open-source GIS


GIS GIScience GNSS GPGPU GRASS GIS Geo-ICTs GeoJSON GeoSPARQL Geographic Metadata Geometry Georeferenced IFC Geospatial Geospatial Data Geospatial Knowledge Graph Geospatial standardization process Global Positioning System Google Earth Engine Graphical User Interface Grid PNG tile geospatial geospatial data integration


ICT4D IFC Iceland Image Recognition InSAR IndoorGML Information Visualization Integrated geomatic survey Interoperability Intrinsic Data Quality Isochrones Italy intelligent territorial management interoperability istSOS


LADM Land Cover Land Use Land Surface Temperature Land Use/Land cover Land registry maps Land use modelling Land use/Land cover Land-use and Land-cover Landscape Landslide displacement monitoring Latium region Linked Open Data Livestock Lizmap Local Mappers Local knowledge lake landscape analysis landslide landslides literate programming


MOOC MSPA Machine Learning Map Map Portrayal Map production Mapillary Mapping Maximum Cross-Correlation Metadata Metadata Software Metadata Standards Methods Model Validation Monitoring Multispectral Imagery machine learning mathematical morphology mediator-wrapper architecture morphological image analysis multi-criteria analysis multi-objective analysis multitemporal analysis


OBIA OGC API OGC API Processes OGC Web Services ORCID OSGeo Oil Spill Open API Open Data Open Data Kit (ODK) applications Open GIScience Open Geographic Data Open Geospatial Data Open Geospatial Software Open Mapping Open Science Open Source Open Source GIS Open and Free Heritage Data Open-Source Open-source software OpenCV OpenStreetMap Organized Editing Origin-Destination data Orthophotos Over-segmentation open areas open data open science open source open standard open-source


PRISM Pacific Island Countries Park Management Participatory mapping Pastoralism Pattern recognition Persistent Identifiers Photogrammetry Photovoltaic plants Point Clouds Point clouds PostGIS PostGis Preface Processing Protocol Buffers Public Administration Public transit PyQGIS Python packaging parallel processing point cloud techniques privacy pygeoapi


RANSAC RPAS RTK Rasdaman Raster Raycasting Real-Time Feedback Real-time visualization Reference dataset Regionalization Remote Mappers Remote Sensing Remote sensing Renewable resources Replit Reproducibility Riverine bathymetry Road network Rust random forest region enlargement reproductibility


SAR SIMILE SLAM SOS Sea water turbidity Semantic querying Semantic segmentation Sentinel 2 Sentinel-1 Sentinel-2 SfM Smart Contracts Social Media Software Soil Erosion Solar Radiation Spatial Data Infrastructure Spatial Patterns Spatial data quality Spatialization Spatio-temporal analysis Spatiotemporal analysis Species Distribution Spectral Indices Speed-related traffic accident Standards Statistical Analysis Stop Trip Classification Suitability Assessment Supercells Support Vector Machine Survey Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite images scenario analysis segmentation social media soil data soil moisture monitoring soil shear strength spatial analysis spatial clustering spatial dashboard spatial pattern analysis stereo satellite stopover submerged topography supervised classification supervised machine learning


U-net UAS Urban Health Urban Heat Island unsaturated conditions unsupervised machine learning urban governance urban growth urban planning urban sprawl urban-rural interface


VGI Validation Vector Tiles Villa Romana di Caposele Vineyard Viticulture Volunteered Geographic Information volume estimation volunteered geographic information voxels vulnerability index
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