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Articles | Volume XXXIX-B8
30 Jul 2012
 | 30 Jul 2012


Y. Uramoto, L. Zhu, K. Tachibana, H. Shimamura, and N. Ogaya

Keywords: Forestry, Photogrammetry, Stereoscopic, Application, System, Aerial

Abstract. We have developed a digital photogrammetry system specialized for grasping the forest resources information. In this system, 3D view of aerial photos can be displayed on a PC monitor or a projector. Unlike orthophotos, the 3D display has depth information in it. Hence, the tree canopy size, tree decay situation, etc. can be visualized with more perfection. Moreover, tree heights, forest types and their regions, etc. can also be calculated by this system. Vectorization and segmentation of area, as per forest type, etc., is also possible. In this system, the basic timber volume can be estimated by using aerial photos. Therefore, it reduces the field survey cost significantly. For the efficient use of this kind of system, a system should be used even by non experts with a very basic operational technique. Hence, we have added a series of extra functions in our system and asked a non expert to perform the analysis.

A non photogrammetrists was asked to calculate the timber volume and tree height by using this system. With the very limited instructions from an expert, and in a short period of time, the person was able to use this system quite efficiently and got a good