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Volume XLI-B2, 2016 – Keyword index

Volume XLI-B2, 2016 – Keyword index


3D 3D Building Model 3D Data Clustering 3D Data Modeling 3D GIS 3D Geo-Information 3D Geo-information 3D Modeling 3D Spatial Database 3D Standards 3D building model 3D geovisualizations 3D photorealism 3D visualization


AHP ARG Accuracy Active mobility Adaptive scheme Aerosol Optical Depth Air Pollution Airborne Laser Scanning Airborne laser scanning Analysis Ancient Theatres Angle of Arrival Animation Antalya Apache Spark Atlas accuracy assessment accuracy visualization aerial photogrammetry agent-based airborne camera system airborne orthophotomap analysis based on road network constraints anonymization


BAF Baltic sea Basin City Beijing rainstorm Bias Big Data Big Geo Data Big data Big geo-data Binary Space Partitioning Buffer Analysis Building Building Classification big data biophysical parameters biotope area factor


CBIR COPD Catchment Change Detection Change semantic constraint China Cities City structure CityGML Cliques Cloud Cloud Computing Cloud Shadow Clustering Coastal Region Cognition Color Balancing Color Indices Community Continuous Phenomena Crime Mapping Crowdsourced Data Crowdsourcing Geographic Data Crowdsourcing traces Cultural Heritage Customer Satisfaction Cycling cartographic database cartographic requirements carving method change detection clustering coastal area coefficient of the estimator cognition cognitive workload colour blending commercial service facility conditional inference trees correlation analysis crisis scenario crowd-sourced data cycling


DBMS DEM DTM Data Management Data Mining Data Quality Data Requirements Data Visualization Dead Reckoning Dense matching Destinations Digital Elevation Model Digital Surface Model Digital Terrain Models Disaster Management Disaster and Emergency Management Discrete Observations Dynamic Prior Map daily movement pattern database structure database-driven Mapping decision making decision support deforestation digital surface model diversity


ESDA EVI Earthquake Deformation Ekurhuleni Engagement Environmental Monitoring Evapotranspiration Eye tracking Eye-tracking e-Government effectiveness and efficiency in map design embodied cognition emergency information error model visualization estimation of damage exploratory study eye tracking


Facilities Fast Association Rule Mining Façade Texture Fitness for use Floods Fourier transformation Framework Future Fuzzy mapping feature congestion filling method fog ecosystems forest degradation


GHG emission GIS GIS and Health GLCM GPS GPS baseline GPS horizontal accuracy GPS trace filtering GPS trajectories GTD Gaussian Markov Random Field Genetic Algorithm Geo-location GeoPortal GeoSPARQL Geodetic Marker Geographic Dataset Geographic Grid Geographic Information System (GIS) Geographic Information Systems Geographic knowledge Geographically Weighted Regression Geolocation based services Geoportal Geospatial Open Data Geospatial Semantics Geovisualization Geoweb Green Travel Ground surface generalization geo-ecological modelling geo-information geometric correction geomorphometry geoprivacy geoprocessing geospatial analysis geospatial modelling geovisualization granularity greening


HTML5 Hazelnut High Accuracy High Resolution Satellites Images Housing vacancy distributions Human Activity Pattern Human factors Hyperspectral thermal imagery heterogeneity human factors human mobility human-machine interaction hydrology


ICP IFC ISO/OGC Standard Image Image Enhancement Image Piramids Image Retrieval Indoor Localization Information Retrieval Interactivity Interface design Interpolation Methods image quality informal settlements integer linear programming integration interactive visualization intersection detection


LADM Land Information System Land title and cadastral data Landfill site selection Landmark Graph Landsat Landsat Satellite Imagery Landsat TM Landsat-8 Level of Detail Levels of Detail LiDAR Lidar Line of Sight Linked Data Location Based Social Media Location Selection land cover land surface temperature locational privacy


MCDM MCE MDF MNDWI MODIS MODIS VCF MUVE Machine learning Map cognition Map design Map labeling Map usability Massive Matching Metadata Milan Missing information Mobile GIS Mobility Modelling Morphology Mosaicking Movement Analysis Multi Criteria Decision Analysis Multi-Dimension Data Cube Multi-Scale Multi-dimensional data Multicriteria Multiple Representations Multirresolution Multitemporal Cloud Masking Algrithm Multitemporal Images Multitemporal data macroscopic traffic model maize map reading maps memory decline mobile eye-tracking experiments mobile phone data mountain cartography


NDVI time series NDVIchange NP-hard Near Field Nearest Neighbour Nepal Earthquake 2015 Nested Grid Network movements Non-Linear Optimization Non-Motorised Transport Non-recurrent congestion national fundamental geographic information database natural hazard navigation network centrality


ORDBMS OWA Object-Relational Obstacle Clearance Surveying Obstacle Limitation Surface Occlusion Ontologies Open Data Open Geodata Open Source Open Source Software OpenStreetMap Optimization Oracle Origin Origin-Destination models Orthoimage Orthoimages Outdoor air pollution occupancy audit open source software


PIV PM2.5 Passive Tracking Pattern analysis Pedestrian Behaviour Prediction Percent Tree Cover (PTC) Perception Periodic Event Analysis,Walking Path Network Phenology Photorealistic Building Model Pit removal Point Cloud Point Cloud Filtering Positional Accuracy Probability statistics Problem Public Participation pedestrian navigation perception perspective view photogrammetry physical processes point clouds point data analysis point-feature label placement potential predictive modeling presence privacy


RRIM Rain Gauge Random Forest Real-time observational data stream Red Relief Image Map Regression Relative Operating Characteristics Remote Sensing Remote Sensing Image Reputation Retrieval Road extraction Road inventory Romania Route planning random forests random walk reforestation regeneration relational reasoning remote sensing representation rule rule-sensing


SDI SMOS SOM SPOT-5 STIC Satellite Imagery Scanpath Comparison Scene Understanding Scenic Areas Schematic maps School Mapping Search Strategy Selective modelling Semantics Semi-detailed scale Sentinel-2 Settlement Shortest Path Problem Signage Signage Location Similarity Assessment Simple Graphs Sina-Weibo Site Selection Smart Cities Smart City Framework Smartphones Social Media Social media South Africa Spark Spatial Spatial Analysis Spatial Behaviour Spatial Information Spatial Lag Spatial Model Spatial Modelling Spatial analysis Spatial partitioning Spatial variability Spatial-Temporal Analysis Spatial-temporal Analyses Spatio-Temporal requirement Spatio-temporal Thematic Map Spatiotemporal relationship Stakeholders Statistical Charts Storage Storytelling Strava Street name changes Suitable Area Surface Modeling Surface Resistance Sustainable Cities scouting semantic trajectories simulation simulations situation awareness virtual collaboration smart card data smart city social media social network service soil moisture space-time GIS space-time clustering space-time scan statistics spatial reasoning spatial thinking spatio-spectral classification stops and moves subband entropy survey data


TGIS TIN pyramid TINs Temporal Terrorism Event Thermal regime Thiessen Polygon Time-Drift Total Operating Characteristics Trace partitioning Traffic Pattern Transport Transportation planning Tropical Environmental Trust Degree Tube maps Twitter Twitter data tangible user interfaces taxi trajectory timely travel demand


UN-GGIM-AP URI Uncertainty Underwater Photogrammetry Urban Urban Drought Urban Fire Urban Growth Modelling Urban Heat Island Urban Modeling Urban Vegetation Urban heat island Urban planning Urbanism Usability User Perception User Study User experiments User study User-Generated Content User-generated Contents User-generated communication traffic Utility data uncertainty urban analytics urban densification urban design urban morphological parameter urban planning urban road network usability use and user representation user experiment user performance user studies user study


VGE VGI Version Similarity Vertex Merging Viewer Virtual Globe Virtual Partition Virtual Reality Visual Analysis Visual analytics Visual complexity Visualization Visualization and spatial analysis of urban phenomena Volunteered Geographic Information validation variable importance vegetation index vegetation mapping vehicle tracking vertical growth virtual environments virtual reality visuospatial memory


WFS Walkability Water Management Water Resiliency Water body extraction of TM images Web GIS Web Platform Web portal Web-Based Visualization WebGL Western Himalaya WorldView-2 WorldView-3 water flow wearable device
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