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Volume XLII-4/W19, 2019 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-4/W19, 2019 – Keyword index


2 Dimensional RMS (2DRMS)


AHI8 AMSR-E Adaptive Capacity Agent-based Modelling Agriculture Aguinid Falls Analytic Hierarchical Process Atmospheric Dispersion Model Automated Systems Autonomous Vehicles algae biomass algal bloom assessment


Calibration Carbon Sequestration Cebu Cellular Automaton Central Space Chlorophyll-a Cigarette Smoke Circular Error Probable (CEP) Climate Engine Climate-Induced Hazards Clustering Coastal Resource Mapping Coldspot Cymodocea Rotundata canonical correlation analysis canopy cover causative factors chlorophyll-a climate change climate emission scenarios closest facility clusters coastal retracking coastal water cold spots combination comfort convolutional neural network crop calendar crop establishment


DEM Deep learning Dengue Diffusion Limited Aggregation Digital Image Processing Diwata-1 data analytics dipterocarp species direct seeding disaster and risk reduction management dust


EVI Early Warning Ecological Corridors Emissivity Endemic Species Enhalus Acoroides Environmental Informatics Exposure Extreme Learning Machine earthquakes emissivity environment estimation


FLO-2D Fertilizer Application Flash Flood Susceptibility Floating Algae Index Flood Hazard Forecast Verification Forest Forest Ecosystem Services Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process field validation fire spread modeling flood flooding hazards forest inventory forest monitoring


GIS GSMaP Geographic Information System Geographic Information Systems Geographic information system Georeferencing Geospatial Data Fusion Geostatistical Analysis Geostatistical techniques Geovisual Analytics Global Climate Models Google Earth Engine geographic information systems geospatial geostatistics geovisualization


High-Definition Maps Histogram Hotspot Hydrodynamic Modelling Hyperspectral Imagery hazard historical maps hot spots hydrodynamic properties


LAI Laguna Lake Land Cover Change Land Surface Temperature Land Use Change Landsat Leaf Color Chart (LCC) LiDAR Likelihood Linear Regression Local Moran’s I land cover fractions land surface temperature linear regression location analysis


ME MODIS Machine Learning Machine learning Management Regimes Mango Mangrove Simulation Mangrove Soil Properties Mangroves Mapping Maxent Maximum Entropy Microalgae Modelling Morans I Morocco Multi-Criterion Decision Analysis Multi-GNSS Multi-temporal Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis machine learning mapping marine ecosystem modelling multiple regression multivariate alteration detection


NDMI NDVI Network Analysis Neural Networks Nitrogen Monitoring Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Northwestern Morocco Numerical Weather Prediction nonlinear regression normalized built-up index normalized difference built-up index normalized difference vegetation index normalized vegetation index normalized water index


Particulate Matter Per Capita Water Consumption Percent Cover Philia-Binning Philippines Photogrammetry Photovoltaic potential Photovoltaics PlanetScope Population Positioning Poverty estimation Prediction permutation pixel values planting duration probabilistic cellular automata pseudo-invariant features


RMSE RTKLIB RapidEye Recolonization Regression Model Remote Sensing Remote sensing Renewable Energy Renewable energy Reservoir Rice Rice Crops Riparian Vegetation River Basin Road Density Road Lighting Roughness Length Runoff rainfall harvesting reflectance regression analysis relative radiometric normalization remote sensing rice loss


SAR SLEUTH SMI Sargassum Distribution Seafloor marine debris Seagrass Seagrass Cover Seagrass Dynamics Seagrass Growth Self-Organizing Map Sensitivity Sentinel 2 Sentinel-1 Sentinel-1A Sentinel-3 Single GNSS Sky View Factor Small Farm Reservoir Smoke Dispersion Soil Conservation System (SCS) Runoff Curve Number Solar Energy Solar PV power Solar photovoltaic power plants Southwest Monsoon Spatial Ecology Spatial Graphs Spatial Resolution Species Distribution Modelling Spectral Mixture Analysis Stereo-photogrammetry Structural Similarity Supervised Classification Support Vector Machine Surface Albedo Surface fractions Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) safety satellite altimetry satellite images sea surface height snow spatio-temporel pattern species distribution suitability mapping susceptible


TCB TCG TCW TWI Tessellated Bin Thalassia hemprichii Time Series Clustering Topological Data Model Topophilia-Exposure Tourism Trade-offs Transfer learning Travel Pattern Trees Trendlines Tropical Meteorology Turbidity Typhoons targeting assessment; quaternions; transformation system; attitude; vector rotation temperature temporal analysis tide gauge sea level transplanting trawling surveys


UAV images UCI Indices Uber Movement Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Urban Fire Spread Simulation Urban Heat Island Urban Heat Islands Urban Hydrology Urban Structure Urbanization urban heat island urban thermal environment urbanization
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