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Volume XLII-4/W8, 2018 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-4/W8, 2018 – Keyword index


CKAN CSW Capacity Building Case Study Cellular data Citizen science Climate Change Impact Climate Model Data Climate Services Clustering algorithms Collaboration Community Cost function Crowdsensing/Crowdsourcing cloud computing code generation collaborative mapping coral reef mapping crowdsourcing cultural heritage


Dar es Salaam Data Management System Data Quality Data construction Deep Learning DevOps Digital government Distributed Systems Architecture data analytics data publishing deep learning doctoral programme


GEO-C GIS GIS for energy access planning GIS viewing GIScience GRASS GIS Geography Geoprocessing Geospatial GitHub Glacier Global Moran’s I Graph theory g-governance geo-referenced LCA data geographic content geographic visualization geospatial geospatial data


OGC Oceans and Coasts Open City Toolkit Open Data Open Source Open Source Software Open cities Open data Open source Open standards and Interoperability OpenDroneMap OpenStreetMap Origin Destination Matrices Outreach oblique images ocean and coastal observing systems open geospatial data open source open source geospatial


SAMPI SDGs SPARQL Salt Marsh Self sustainability SfM Shortest Path Sierra Leone Skeletal Model Skeleton Smart cities Software Development Solar Potential Assessment Solar Power Solid Spatial Autocorrelation Spatial Data Infrastructure Spatial Data Sharing Systems Spatial aggregation Spatial autocorrelation Spatial data science Supervised Classification Plug-in surface hydrology surfing


Tanzania Temporal Accuracy Terrain mapping Testbed Thematic Accuracy Thematic maps Training Material TriangleMesh Twitter feed training transparency
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