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Volume XLIII-B4-2020, 2020 – Keyword index

Volume XLIII-B4-2020, 2020 – Keyword index


3D Cadastre 3D City Modelling 3D Concrete Printing 3D Data Model 3D Indoor 3D Model 3D Modelling 3D Reconstruction 3D User Interfaces 3D Web GIS 3D data 3D field data 3D map 3D model 3D modelling 3D visualization


AHP ALKIS data extraction AR/VR Accessibility Accumulated Growing Degree-Days (AGDD) Accuracy Metrics Adaptive optimization mechanism Additive Manufacturing Agent Based Modeling Agent based modelling Ancient mound Architectural Survey Archives Area estimation Area-feature Artificial Intelligence Asthma Atlanta Augmented Reality Augmented reality Autonomous Exploration Autonomous driving air quality maps archaeology artificial intelligence


BIM Barak Valley Behavioural control Benchmarking Big Data Big Geospatial Raster Data Blind People Boltzmann entropy Bornuur soum Bowditch Building Building Information Modelling Bundle Adjustment bike bike-sharing building damage assessment


CCTV COVID-19 Caching Cadastral data Cadastre land register Car navigation Cartographic Information Theory Cartographic communication Cartography Cell phone tower Cellular automata Chimera China Citizen Science CityGML Classification Cloud-edge-terminal Collaborative scheduling Color Code Colour theory Completeness Congestion Content Planning Convolutional neural network Crack detection Cross-Border Cooperation Crowdsourced Indoor Mapping Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage citizen participation classification client-server architecture climate visualization co-visualization collaborative geo-visualization community mapping conflation crisis mapping cropland suitability crowd-sourcing crowdsourcing cultural heritage


DBSCAN DEM/DTM DOP Data Blending Data Exploration Data Fusion Data Model Database Dating Decentralized Applications Decision Support System Deep Learning Deep learning Design-based Inference Diabetes Digital Elevation Models Digital Twin Disaster management Doubly-braced Quadrilateral Drone Imagery Dynamic object recognition data enrichment data integration data structure data visualization database performance deep learning disaster documentation


E-Tourism EEG Earth Observation Emergency Response Emission Error Propagation Essential Traffic Ethereum Blockchain Event Related Presentations Exposomics Expropriation Extended Kalman Filter e-learning emergency management exposomics


FCA FOAM FOS Fiji Islands Fingerprint Ambiguity Flash flood Flexible allocation strategy Flight control Floating Car Data Frameworks Free and Open Source Free and Open Source Software Full Waveform Fuzzy sets feature extraction feature recognition fortified structures and castles


GIS GIS modelling GIS research GML GPS Generalization Generalized Shannon Entropy Geo-crowdsourcing Geographic Information System Geographic Information Systems Geographically Weighted Regression Geometric Inspection Geometrical model Geospatial Data Geospatial data Geospatial data production Geovisualization Global Land Cover Google Earth Engine Green Solutions Greenspace Ground extraction geo-visualisation geographic context global citation score


HBIM HGIS Heatmap High definition map High performance computing High resolution Highway Management Historical Architecture Historical maps Household estimation Hydraulics historical buildings hurricane hydraulics data


ICESat Data ICP algorithm IFAS IFD IPFS Immersive Analytics Impervious Land Cover Indoor Environments Indoor LBS Indoor Path finding Indoor Positioning Indoor localization Indoor-outdoor positioning IndoorGML Industrial Inspection Information Theory of Cartography Information extraction InfraGML Infrastructure monitoring Intelligent Geospatial Data Analysis Inter-annual Difference Inter-comparison Interaction Design Interactive Archives and Collections Interpolation image matching image rectification informal settlement intertidal


LADM Label Placement Lake Monitoring Land Land Administration Land Surface Phenology (LSP) Land cover change Land use change Land use planning Land-use LandInfra Landsat Least Squares Level of details (LoD) LiDAR LiDAR point cloud Lidar Location-based services Low-Cost linked data local citation score


MATLAB MCDA Machine Learning Mahalanobis Metric Map Arrangement Mapping Marine Transportation Markov chain model Membership function Missing household income imputation Mobile Mapping System Quality assurance Mobile Robot Mobile application Mongolia Morphology Multi-level visualization tasks Multi-modal spatio-temporal data Multilayer Multisensor system Multisource Data matching measurement data visualization mobile GIS model optimization multi-criteria multifunctional cadaster


NURBS National Geoinformation Survey Natural Heritage Natural language Near relation New Century Edition; The National Fundamental Geographic Atlas of China Night light intensity Noise Mapping Noise Modeling Non-destructive testing navigation network analysis


OGC Open Standards OSM OSM Community OWL On-Road Parking Online processing Ontologies Ontology OpenStreetMap Optical Optical satellite imagery Optimal location OrbitDB Orfeo ToolBox old Orthophotos ontology open source origin-destination


Parametric Participation Path Planning Path determination PhenoCam Photogrammetry Pixel-Adaptive Convolution Planning Support Systems Point Cloud Point pattern analysis Point-to-Surface Matching Policy Impact Positioning Positioning locations PostgreSQL Prefecture-level cities of China Preventive conservation Proximity Public Health Public Lighting Public Participation Python participatory GIS pastoralism personal exposure point clouds point-in-polygon pollutant dispersion powerline inspection


RANSAC Rational Polynomial Coefficients Reference Image Reinforcement Learning Remote Sensing Remote Sensing Data Processing Reservoir Retail Gravitation Road Road Traffic Noise Road data Road network hierarchy Robot indoor navigation railway infrastructure real-time visualization on maps reconstitution reforestation roughness routing


SIMILE Sanguozhi Satellite Satellite Positioning Evaluation Satellite Visibility Analysis Scale Scene understanding See Color Semantic Semantic Web Semantic map generation Semantic modelling Semantic pattern Semantic recognition Semantic segmentation Semi-automatic Mapping Sensor fusion Sentinal-2 MSI Shared spaces Shifting cultivation Signal strength Simulation Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Simultaneous localization and mapping Single Photo Resection Situational awareness Smart Cities Smart City Smart Contracts Smart Phones Smartphone Smoke Alarm Socioeconomic proxy indicators Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture Southeastern United States Sparse Wi-Fi Fingerprint Spatial Analysis Spatial Database Spatial Enablement Spatial Information Spatial Interactions Spatial agglomeration Spatial analysis Spatial distribution Spatial relationships Spatially Aware Interface Spatio-Temporal Data Management Spatio-Temporal Data Processing Spatiotemporal Grid Model Spatiotemporal data partitioning Spatiotemporal index Spatiotemporal object serialization Spherical Photogrammetry Stacked Hourglass Networks Standard Standardization Stay point Stereoscopic Storage-computing-rendering Strategic Planning Strategic Urban Development Stratified sampling Street map Street view Structure Design Survey Surveying Surveying Network Adjustment Sustainable Development Goals Symbology scientometric semantic description semantic rules similarity simulation simulation data simultaneous adjustment smart cities smart city smartphone social media solar photovoltaic spatial analysis spatial interface research spatial objects standards story maps


Tactile Cartography Tactile Maps Taxi Demand Prediction Terrain Data Processing The Principle of Topic Selection The Theory of Compilation and Research Three-Line Time Series Landsat Images Time series trajectory model Topographic Effect Topological Network Topological model Traffic analysis Traffic index Trajectory Analysis Trajectory Clustering Trajectory Data Management Trajectory Representation Trajectory data Transformation Patterns Transit topic clusters topographic attributes


UAV Uncertainty Underwater United Nations Unity Unmanned Aerial System Unscented Kalman Filter Urban Canyons Urban Data Urban Development Urban Green Urban Heat Island Urban Morphology Urban built-up area Urban classification Urban ecological space Urban expansion Urban transition matrix Usability Evaluation Methods User Experience User Study uncertainty urban applications urban climate urban mapping urban mobility urban modelling


VGI VGI visualization VNIR image VR Validation Vehicle Tracking Ventilation Corridors ViaLibera?! Virtual Reality Virtual traffic system Visual Analytics Visual analysis Visual analytics Visualization Visually Impaired Volunteered geographic information (VGI) vector conflation vector-to-image registration visualisation visualization volunteered geographic information


Water quality Watershed Web GIS Web Information System Web Service Web-based Visualisation WebGIS WebGL Well-being Western Australia Wi-Fi fingerprinting World Heritage web GIS web maps
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