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Volume XLVIII-4/W9-2024, 2024 – Keyword index

Volume XLVIII-4/W9-2024, 2024 – Keyword index


ACOLITE ALOS World 3D Accuracy Agricultural Drought Airborne Laser Scanning Airborne laser scanning Antarctic Ice Sheet Antarctica Architecture Design Artificial intelligence Aviation Safety area estimation


CAA Carbon farming Carbon-emission Change Detection Change detection Chernobyl Cities CityGML CityJSON Classification Climate Change Coastal erosion control Compressive sensing Copernicus Crop Height Cultural Heritage (CH) Cultural Mediation computational reproducibility


DEM DL DSM Damage Assessment Dams Data Integration Data Structure Data fusion Database Management System Deep Learning Deep Neural Network Deep learning Detection Digital Twins Digital elevation model Distributed Architecture Distributed systems dLST dNBR data fusion digital twin


GIS GNSS height component Gas Leak Detection Generative Adversarial Networks Geographic Information Systems Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Geographical Random Forest Geomatics Engineering Georeferencing Geospatial Data Glaciers Global Climate Change Global Warming Google APIs Google Earth Engine Green laser drone geometric features


Historic Building Information Modelling (HBIM)


LADM LADM edition II Land Status Change Land Use/Cover Landslide Susceptibility Laser surveying LiDAR Line of Sight Analysis Linear Regression Linked Data Location Based Operations Lossy Compression land administration landing sites


MODIS Machine Learning Mapping Unit Marine Cadastre Mobile Laser Scanning Mobile Mapping Mobile Mapping Systems Multiresolution Segmentation Multispectral machine learning,supervised classification mobile LiDAR multi-floor building


Paris Agreement Photorealistic Tiles Pix2Pix Pixel-Based classification Plane surface and subsurface objects Planetscope Pleiades Point Cloud Point Cloud Compression Point Distance Analysis PointNet++ Principal Component Analysis Method (PCAM) point cloud


RDF RRRs RS Random Forest Random Forest classification Random forest regression Received Signal Strength (RSS) Reconstruction Recursive feature elimination Remote Sensing Remote sensing Representation Route Analysis regression


SLR Satellite Altimetry Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB) Satellite Imagery Scaled Drought Condition Index Scene Classification Segment Anything Model Segmentation Quality Semantic Labeling Semantic Segmentation Semantic Web Sentinel 2 Sentinel-1 Sentinel-2 Sentinel-2A and PlanetScope Sentinel-5P Smart city indicators Solar Photovoltaics Sparse Representation Spatial Analysis Spatial Autocorrelation Spectral indexes Stand Map Sugarcane yield estimation Sunflower fields Support Vector Regression (SVR) Survey and Monitoring Data Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable development Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) System Construction seasonal variation


Underground space Underwater Image Unified model Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Update Urban Bicycle Tourism Urban Planning Urban Traffic Urban footprints Utility-scale urban environment urban mobility
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