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Volume XLVIII-M-1-2023, 2023 – Keyword index

Volume XLVIII-M-1-2023, 2023 – Keyword index


AERONET AHP ANN-CA AOD Aerial Imagery Aerial Photogrammetry Aerosol Optical Depth Aerosol index Aerosol optical depth Agricultural crops Air quality Alluvial Fan Amazon Archive Aerial images Arctic Ocean Arduino Artificial Intelligence Atmospheric Pollution activity data adverse effects on Turkish economy artificial neural network


Carbon Sequestration Carbon monoxide Centroid Shift Cereal profiles Change Analysis Change Detection Techniques Change detection Chennai Chlorophyll-a Classification ClickHouse Cloud Architecture Clustering Collaborative Navigation Commercial SAR Correlation Analysis Crisis Response Crop Classification Crop Yield Prediction Cultural Heritage Cycle-GAN canopy nitrogen prediction carbon change detection climate monitoring computationally intensive data processing crop suitability cropland


DDM DInSAR Damage Assessment Damage Detection Debiasing Variational Autoencoder Deep Learning Deep learning Deforestation Detection Dengue Dengue Disease Monitoring Disaster risk management Disaster risk reduction Disasters Mapping Discomfort Index Discontinuity Determination Downscaling Drought Drought monitoring Dynamic Analysis digital earth digital elevation model digital surface model


EEA ERA5 atmospheric reanalysis Earth Observation Earth observation Earthquake Earthquakes Ecological Network Ecological disasters Economic efficiency Ecosystem Services Elbistan Embedded systems Empirical Mode Decomposition earth observation ecosystem accounting environmental indicator


Feature Extraction Fires Flood Mapping Floods Food Security Forest Fire Burned Area Mapping Forest fire susceptibility Former homeland Fractal Dimension Frequency Ratio Fuzzy Inference System feature detection flood mapping forest cover forest inventory framework


GEDI GIS GLCM GNSS GNSS RTK Garmsar Geometric Complexity Georeferencing Glacier Monitoring Glaciers Google Earth Engine Gradient Boosting Machine Gradient Tree Boosting Graph Theory Green Spaces Ground Control Ground truth Growing season Growth type Guinea Gulf of Izmit geoarchaeology geomagnetic observatories


I-Tree Canopy Image Classification Image Processing Image Translation Image segmentation InSAR Inclusive urban development Informants Inland Surface Water Monitoring Interferometry Intra-class variability Inundated (Flooded) Vegetation Istanbul imaging spectroscopy infrastructure irrigated agriculture


LSTM LULC Lake Chad Basin LakeWater Surface Temperature Land Cover Land Cover Change Land Cover Indices Land Deformation Land Degradation Land Productivity Land Suitability Land Surface Temperature Land Use Land Use Land Cover Land surface temperature Land use Land use/cover LandScan Landsat Landsat 9 OLI Landsat-8 Landsat-8 TIRS Landscape Character Landscape Connectivity Landscape Metrics Landscape Planning Landscape Typology Landslide Landslides LiDAR LightGBM Liquefaction Loxostege Sticticalis landcover landcover change landslide


MCD12Q1 MCE MODIS MOLUSCE Machine Learning Mann-Kendall Mediterranean Mobility Modelling Mosquito vectors Movement ecology Multi-Temporal Multi-hazard Susceptibility machine learning multi-scale Hand-crafted features


NDVI Natural Resources Natural disasters Near-Surface Air Temperature Neural Networks Nitrogen dioxide Nomadic pastoralism network transmission capacity nighttime lights


P-band radar PET PS-InSAR PSO Pazarcık Peri-urban Persistent Scatterer InSAR Pest Damage Planet Fusion PlanetScope Platform Framework Point Cloud Point Cloud Comparison Pollutant gases Potwar-Pakistan Precipitation Precision agriculture Prediction Principal Component Analysis Profitability phase speed phenological metrics photogrammetry point cloud analysis prediction model


RAI RDI Radar Random Forest Random Forest Regression Rapid Mapping RapidAI4EO Rasperry Pi Remote Sensing Remote sensing Retrieval Rift Valley fever Risk mapping Road Cracks Rock Mass Rockfall random forest remote sensing remote sensing data


SAR SAR imaging SDG SDG Index SDGs SPI Satellite Satellite Aerosol Products Satellite image Savitzky-Golay Seasonal variation Segmentation Self-supervised learning Semantic Segmentation Sentinel Sentinel 1 Sentinel 2 Sentinel-1 Sentinel-2 Sentinel-2A Sentinel-3 OLCI Sentinel-5P satellite Sentinel2 Seroprevalence SfM Site Selection Slum development Smart City Snow avalanche susceptibility Solar Spectral Irradiance Solar storms Soybean Crop Spatial Analysis Spatial Mapping Spatial Statistics Spatial and Temporal Series Spatial-temporal Big Data Spectral Indices Spectro-temporal signature Stereo photogrammetry Structure-from-Motion Sunflower Supervised Surface Deformation and Change Surface Roughness Surveillance Sustainability Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable environment Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite imagery scale short-period internal waves smart devices snow avalanche inventory solar farm space-borne hyperspectral imagers spatial probability distribution spectral indices state capacity statistical inference support vector regression


U-Net UAV UAV-LiDAR UN SDG 13 Unmanned Aearial Vehicle (UAV) Urban Cemeteries Urban Development Urban Heat Island Urban Land Use Change Urban heat island Urban morphology Urbanization


Water Quality Water Quality Monitoring Water Vapor Water reservoir monitoring Weakly Supervised Weather Data Weather Radar Weather conditions Wet Delay Wind Turbine Clutter Wind Turbine Interference WorldView-3 water watershed wave kinematics
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