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Volume XL-5/W7, 2015 – Keyword index

Volume XL-5/W7, 2015 – Keyword index


3D Printing 3D Laser Scanner 3D Reconstruction 3D Scan 3D Scanning 3D Transformation 3D laser scanning 3D model 3D modeling 3D modelling 3D printer 3D reconstruction 3D surveying 3D textured Models 3x3 rules


4D Visualization


Accessible Accuracy Adaptive Reuse. Community Planning Adaptive reuse Airborne Laser Scanning Analysis and Interpretation of Material Systems Ancient Agora Ancient architecture Arbíl ArcGIS Archaeological Archaeological Documentation Archaeological Investigation System Archaeology Architectural Conservation Archives Archives of 3D photography Arduino Augmented Reality aerial laser scanning aerial photogrammetry archaeology architectural tectonics assessment


CNC Cangdong Project Changs ancient residential Chemical Analysis China China’s Grand Canal Heritage Chinese Gardens Chupan Church Church City Image City group Close Range Scanning Community Development Computer Vision Conservation Plan Conservation Process Construction Technology Construction mechanism Continuous Scales Cultural Conservation Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage Conservation Cultural Landscape Cultural Resources Cultural heritage Cultural heritage sites Cultural property Czech Republic cathedral close range photogrammetry conflict cultural heritage cultural heritage post-conflict cultural properties conservation


Damage Data Applications Data Fusion Data processing Database Degradation Investigation Digital Digital Archives Digital Model Digital Technology Digital landscape Direct Geo-Referencing System Dissemination Documentation Drawing Drawing as a Laearning System of Architectural Heritage development applications digital documentation, data standard digital recording digitization divided communities documentaries documentation


GIS Gallery Gamification Geophysical method Germany Google Earth Green Space Register ground-penetrating radar


Haiyan Hall at Yuanmingyuan Park Hbim Heritage Heritage Conservation Heritage Documentation Heritage Protection Heritage Recording Heritage Resources Managements Heritage conservation Heritage preservation Hillfort Historic Architecture Historic Buildings Historic Jeddah Historical Architecture Historical Context Historical Evidence Of Armenian In Jolfa City Of Iran Historical Photos Historical Structures Hovvi Church Huabiao Hukou Old Street heritage refurbishing heritage crime heritage documentation historical buildings history house type


ICH Image Unwrapping Image Presentation Image Processing Image Segmentation Important cultural properties Indigo Information Collecting System Information Support Systems Intangible C.H. Intangible Cultural Heritage Integrated Conservation Integration Internet/Web identity impact factors of environment in situ preservation indoor environment inheritors integrated pest management integration interactive multimedia systems interpretation


Landscape Localization Landscape Protection Landscape assessment Laser Scanning Lasered crystals Leap Motion LiDAR Local Features laser scanning location


MULINEM Magnetometric measurement Maintenance Management conservation good practice Masonry Materials Matsu Belief Matsu Temple Mesh Processing Mesopotamia MicMac Minnan architectural Monument Monument Information System (MIS), 3D-Technology Motion-sensing Interactive Exhibition Multi-cooperation Multi-scale Representations Multi-view images Mural Digital Mapping Survey Museum Museum climatic monitoring system man-made and natural disasters management monitoring multi-image matching multi-sensor museum


Oculus Rift Off-site store Old City of Jerusalem Ontology Open Source Open Source Smart System Open source Original Feature Research Ornamental Column Overseas Chinese garden; cross-cultural communication; cultural consumption objects open data


Painted Sculpture and Murals Pair-House Parametric Workflow Participatory mapping Penghu Photogrammetry Photography Photoscan Plants Landscape Plants Library Point Cloud Point Clouds Prehistory Preservation maintenance Preservation monitoring Process Modeling Protection Zoning Python panoramic images permits phased model photogrammetry preservation methodology, preservation periods preservation objects protection public awareness


RPAS Radio/GPRS Rapid prototyping Raspberry Pi Reading Criteria Reading Criteria for Cultural Heritage Documentation Recording Records Reflective Society Registration Relief as a Knowledge Framework Remote Sensing Remote sensing Rendering Repair Construction Reverse Engineering Revit family manager Rock art Rural Practice rapid documentation reconstruction hypothesis restoration project, interdisciplinarity


SAHRIS Scene Covere Index Sculptural Elements Self-help Construction Serious Game Serious Games SfM Shaded relief Site Management Plan Skeletal Remains Skill Training Smart Cultural Heritage Song Dynasty South region of Shandong Spring and Autumn Period Stone tidal weirs Structure from Motion Structure tree Structure-and-type Method Structured Light Styleguide Xiang'an Survey Survey Guidelines safety distance semantic data sensors style from QuanZhou


Ta keo Temple Taiwan Taiwanese Traditional Building Tangible Tangible and Intangible Cultural heritage Tangyin Technology preservation Terrestrial Terrestrial Laser Scanning Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology Terrestrial LiDAR Terrestrial laser scanning Test The Cantonese Opera Art Museum Thin-Layer Chromatography Three-dimensional Laser Scanning Three-dimensional Model Time-spatial information Timor Island Timor Leste Topography Traditional Village Traditional timber technology Tripitaka Type tree technology texturing the Hall of Fujian in Yantai time based documentation total station training typological study
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