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Volume XLII-2/W11, 2019 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-2/W11, 2019 – Keyword index


360° Panoramic Images 360° virtual immersive model 3D 3D Buildings 3D Digital Documentation 3D Documentation 3D Geo-Information System 3D Laser Scanning Technology 3D Mapping 3D Model 3D Modeling 3D Modelling 3D Object 3D Reconstruction 3D Scanning 3D Solid Modelling 3D documentation 3D mapping of stratigraphy 3D model 3D model realistic deformation 3D modeling 3D modelling 3D models 3D reconstruction 3D scanning 3D survey 3D- terrestrial laser scanning 3d Reconfiguration 3d model 3d survey


Accessibility Accuracy Accuracy Requirement Accuracy assessment Add-in Advanced 3D Advanced3D Aerial Photogrammetry Aeronautical College Agriculture Alba Fucens Albenga Alcobaça monastery Algeria Algorithm Ancient hydraulic systems Application Programming Interface (API) Aquileia Archaeological map Archaeological mapping Archaeological sites Archaeology Archeology Architectural Conservation Architectural Documentation Architectural Heritage Architectural surveying Architecture Architecture History Archiving Artificial grottoes Assoro Astronomy Augmented Reality Augmented Reality Museum Augmented and Virtual Reality Augmented reality (AR) Authenticity Automatic photogrammetry accessibility advanced geomatics aerial photogrammetry archaeological area archaeological heritage archaeological restoration archaeological wall painting archaeology archaeometry architectural heritage architecture


BEP BIM BIM application BIM for Cultural Heritage (HBIM) BIM model Bagan Baroque period Beacon Bergamo Bioclimatic Architecture Brickwork Bridge Bridge Structural Monitoring Building Detection Building Information Modeling Building Information Modelling Building Simulation (BS) Building Survey Building interpretation Building sites Building sites organization Built Heritage Built heritage Burša-Wolf Byzantine Byzantine Empire biography of objects black box brick vault bridges building book built


C.G. Blomfield CDE CH data life cycle management CH documentation CIDOC CRM CNN Cais das Colunas in Lisbon Calibration Capacity Building Initiative Capo Don Casa del Balilla CesiumJS Change Detection Chimney City of Susa CityGML Close-range Photogrammetry Cloud comparison Color Analysis Color Decay Color capture & visualization Colored Pattern Colour Communication Comparison Concession Conservation Conservation Management Plan Conservation process Conservation,Maintenance Correlation Courses Cross-vault Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage (CH) Cultural Heritage Buildings Cultural Heritage Dissemination Cultural Heritage Education Cultural Heritage documentation Cultural heritage Culture Heritage Cuturale Heritage cadastre carbon fiber composite climate change cloister vault close range photogrammetry cognitive process communication computational geometry comunication of CH conservation construction systems constructive technology cracks detection cultural heritage cultural heritage preservation


Damage Detection Data Analysis Data Management Data Reduction Data acquisition Data collecting Data fusion Data integration Data management Data processing Data storage Datum transformation Decay mapping Deformation Analysis Dense Point Cloud Desert Rose stone Digital Cultural Heritage Digital Survey Digital cultural heritage (DCH) Digital documentation Digital storytelling Digital technologies Digital tools Diminished Reality DinSAR Dissemination Documentation Domains of Data Drawing Dynamic Tests damage damage analysis damages data interpretation data management database organisation decay decay mapping decorative elements deep learning degradation design detached frescos deterioration mapping diagnosis diagnostic digital culture digital documentation digital photogrammetry digital revolution digitisation digitization documentation dome drainage system


Ecomuseums Education Educational Emergency management Emergency planning Energy Efficiency Energy Simulation Enhancement Enna Evaluation Extract Transform and Load (ETL) eXtended Reality eXtended vocabularies environment


FEM FEM analysis FSM Federico II Finite Element Analysis Finite Element Model Floods Focus Stacking Forlì Foro Boario Franciscan Church feature detection flower pot motives fragment artefacts


GEODB Hub GEOPAN ATL@S APP GIS GNSS GPS Positioning Game Engines Generative modeling Geodatabase Geographic Information System Geomatics Geometric primitives Geometry Georeferencing Geospatial Data Geovisualization German bunkers Giardino delle Camelie Giardino di Boboli Grade of Generation (GOG) Grade of generation (GOG) Gravity Dam Green Architecture Ground Penetrating Radar Guanghua Pavilion [光化楼] game-engines generatives geometrical proportions geometrical survey geospatial archives


H-BIM HBIM HDIM HGIS HUL Heritage Heritage BIM Heritage Building (HB) Heritage Building Information Model Heritage Building Information Modeling (HBIM) Heritage Building Information Modelling Heritage Buildings Heritage Conservation Heritage Microclimate Risk (HMR) Heritage Monitor Heritage Protection Heritage Values Heritage protection Heritage under risk Historic Building Information Modeling (HBIM) Historic City Modelling Historic Indoor Microclimate (HIM) Historic landscape Historical Garden Historical Heritages Historical Inherited Historical Photographs and Maps Historical Structure Historical Texts Historical Video Processing Historical archives Historical cartography Historical centres History of Restoration Hoist Engine Holistic HBIM Hydroelectric Plant heritage communities heritage monitoring heritage reconstruction high-resolution rectified pictures historic masonry historical bridge historical images historical images data historical monitoring historical techniques humanism


ICT IFC for CH Image Based Survey Image based modelling Image classification Image semantic segmentation Images Inclination Inclusion Indoor Modelling Industrial Archaeology Information System Infrastructures Innovative map tools Integrated 3D survey Integrated service Interaction Interactive Map Interactivity Interchange standards Internet of things Interoperability Inventory Investigation integrated survey techniques


Jerónimos monastery in Lisbon


LOA LOD LOG Labelling Land-use Evaluation Landscape Landscape preservation Landscape representation Landscape system Laser Scanner Laser Scanning Laser scanner Laser scanner 3D Laser scanning Laserscanning Late antiquity Le Corbusier Learning-by-doing Level of Accuracy Level of Detail Level of accuracy Level of information LiDAR LiDAR Data LiDAR data Life cycle Lifecycle management Line of Meridian Load testing Low-cost Lucca Lérins landscape and mining archaeology landscape modeling laser Scanning laser scanner laser scanning laser tracker late roman site lidar low-cost sensors


Maintainance Management Manipulability Map Map Heritage Mapping Process Masonry Masonry vaults Material Restoration Mensiochronology Mesh Mesh modelling MicMAc Microclimate Midas Gen Modeling Mixed Reality Mobile mapping Model Tolerance Modeling Modeling requirements Modern Architecture Moisture Monitoring Mukden Palace Museums Myanmar markerless tracking material culture military landscape minero-petrographic analysis mobile cultures mobile-mapping modelling monitoring multi-scale multi-sensor multi-temporal multidisciplinary approach mural painting museum collections museums


NDT diagnostics NURBS Naples National Digital School Plan Natural Interaction Natural disasters Neandertal Network New Kingdom tombs Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Numerical Wind Tunnel Simulation


Ontologies Ontology Open Access Open Data Open Source Algorithms Orthophoto obsolescence ontology open source openGIS optical data orthophoto outdoor


Painting Participatory sensing Partitioning Pathology Performance Permanencies Photogrammetric application Photogrammetry Photography Piero della Francesca Planned Conservation Planning Pleistocene Point Cloud Point Cloud Optimization Point cloud Point cloud Segmentation Point-cloud Preservation Preventive Conservation Preventive Measures Process management Public participation Public-Private Partnership performance assessment photogrammetry planned conservation point clouds preservation preventive conservation proactive geodatabase procedural modelling project


Range Based Survey Rationalist Architecture Recognition Reconstruction Reconstruction plan Recording Regione Lombardia Landscape Plan (PPR) Rehabilitation Rehabilitation historical centres Remote Areas Replicas Reprojection Error Republic of North Macedonia Resilience Resistograph Restoration Restoration Project Restoration design Risk Map Roman fluvial port radiometric dating of lime clumps reality-based 3D models remote sensing restoration reverse engineering rising damp risk assessment ruined heritage


SAR data SCAN-to-BIM SDI SLAM SLAM-based data San Calocero San Gaudenzio’s Basilica San Quirico all’Olivo Sansepolcro Santarelli Kindergarten Saqqara Scale Factor Scan to BIM Scan-to-BIM Scan-to-GIS-to-H-BIM Segmentation Seismic Risk Assessment Seismic prevention Semantic features Sequential Image Orientation SfM Shadows Simulation Skill development and communication by innovative systems Small Inscribed Objects Smartphone Smartphone sensors Souf region Spatial Database Spatial Filtering Spatial analysis Spectroscopy Spline Interpolation Spoken Dialogues Statistical analysis Stereo-vision Stereotomy Stratigraphic Analysis Stress Wave Structural Deformations Structural Health Monitoring Structural Rehabilitation Structural assessment Structural reinforcement Structure from Motion Structure-from-Motion Structure-from-motion Suleymaniye Mosque and Social Complex Summer Palace Surface Comparison Survey Surveying Sustainability Indexes Sustainable Development Syria São Miguel – o - Anjo lighthouse in Porto satellite imagery satellite monitoring scan planning scan-to-BIM scheduled maintenance seismic damage semantic classification small historical urban centres smart building site soil settlements spatial analysis spatial objects spatial reasoning spiral floral motives spire standards stratigraphies structural assessment survey surveying


TIN TLS TLS Terrestrial Laser Scanner TLS survey TLS techniques Teaching experience Technology Tensorflow Terrestrial Laser Scanner Terrestrial Laser Scanning Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) Terrestrial laser scanning Territory Information System Thematic Map Thermal imaging Training Transformations Troina technology 4.0 tensional analysis territorial analysis the Quincy Mine the Summer Palace thermal imaging three-dimensional limit analysis three-dimensional modeling traditional survey techniques trompe


UAV UAV Photogrammetry UAV photogrammetric survey UAV photogrammetry UAV survey Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Urban History Urban LOD Urban Sustainable Development User Study underground facilities urban heritage urban mapping urban morphology analysis urban space


VHR Satellite Images Validation Valorisation Valorization Vault construction techniques Venetian Fortress Verticality Video Villa Galvagnina Vimercate Virtual Hub Virtual Reality Virtual Reality (VR) Virtual Statues Virtual World Heritage Virtual reconstruction Virtual tour Virtualgeo Visualization Vulnerability valorisation vaulted systems virtual restitution virtual restoration visibility visualisation
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