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Volume XLIII-B4-2022, 2022 – Keyword index

Volume XLIII-B4-2022, 2022 – Keyword index


AR implementation ASTER Accessibility Activities Aerial Photogrammetry Agent Based Model Anechoic chamber Anomaly Apache Sedona Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence Association Rules Atlas Attention Mechanism Automation accessibility accuracy air pollution monitoring artificial light augmented reality autonomous driving


BDS BIM BIM model BIM-GIS BIM/GIS Integration BVH Barrier attenuation Base Map Group Basic Survey Behavior Analysis Big data Biosensors Block modelling Body of Knowledge Bounding box Building Façade Elements Building Information Modelling (BIM) Built Cultural Heritage big data bike


CFD simulation CNN CORS System COVID-19 Calibration Canada Cesium Change detection Citizen Science City role Citywide Metro Network Classification Clustering Clustering algorithm College Students Community detection Compressed Texture (Basis Universal in KTX TM 2.0) Computer Vision Computer vision Concept model Confidence Conflict Analysis Consistency requirements Convergence time Coordinates Crane-Inspection Crowd-sourced data Crowdsourced Data Crowdsourcing cartography change detection city model crash crowdsourcing cultural heritage


DBMS DEMs of difference DSM DTM Data Mining Data Processing Data fusion Data mining Data opening and sharing Database Construction Deep Learning Deep learning DeepForest Deforestation Delivery motorcycle crash Demand Desertification Digital Orthophoto Map Digital Twin Digital building permit Digital elevation model Direct georeferencing Disease Spreading Distribution data integration data quality data structures droplet diffusion dual half-edge


G2SFCA GHI GIS GIS (Geographical information system) GIS vector data GIS-based Mapping GIS-based Modeling GNSS GPS trajectory Generalization Generative Model Geo-information GeoAI GeoBIM Geocomputation Geodatabase Geographic Conditions Element Data Geographic Data Geographic Information Geographical conditions monitoring Geographically weighted negative binomial regression Geospatial Geospatial Analysis Geospatial Dashboard Geospatial Information Geospatial Knowledge Geospatial Ontologies Global Warming Google Scholar Granger Graphic Design Greek Legislation Green Space Patch geoconservation geodetic reference framework geographic citizen science geovisualization global dataset group movement


I3S IFC IMM ISPRS Scientific Initiative Image analysis Image segmentation Implementation Industry Foundation Classes Infectious disease simulation Informal settlement Infrastructure Asset Management Integrated Integrated Tools IntegratedMesh Intelligent Management International Iterate Optimization iPad Pro iPhone 12 Pro incident inertial effects on background flow


LADM LBS LIDAR Ladakh Land Administration Land Cover Land Cover Classification Landsat image Landscape Pattern Large network processing Latent Dirichlet Allocation Leica CityMapper Level of Detail Level of Details (LoD) Level of Development LiDAR Life Cycle Intelligent Monitoring Light pollution Loess Catchments location-based tracking


MATSim MERRA-2 MHC Ontology Machine Learning Main Functional Area Main Urban Area Manhattan World Assumption Mann-Kendall Map Group Mapathon Mapillary Mapping Mapping standards Massive Mesh Metro Flow Forecasting Microrelief Minor Historical Centres Mobile phone location data Model Moran’s I Morphology Multi-Metrics machine learning map material classification material guarantee mobile application mobile development mobility monitoring morphological analysis moving objects multiple perspectives


OGC OSM Oak decline Object Detection Omnidirectional image Ontology Ontology enrichment and Population Open Open Data Open Data Cube Open Source OpenStreetMap Orchards Ordinary Least Squares on-site experiments open data orbit determination orthomosaic orthomosaics


PM pollution Parallel processing Park Green Space Perception Photogrammetry Planning Map Group Platform design Point of Interest Point of interest Policy Pollution Population Population Density Precision Public Transport Public open spaces Pyramid model Python library particulate matter


Sand Satellite Satellite Imagery Satellite Station Differential Scenarios Schedule Management Scopus Sediment Budgets Sediment Transport Semantic Analysis Semantic Information Semantic Segmentation Semantic knowledge Semantic segmentation Semantics Sensitivity Analysis Sensor Sensors Sequence Diagram Serra da Estrela Slum Upgrading Smart Campus Smart City Smartphone Smartphone-based Soil Runoff Southeastern Europe Spatial Analysis Spatial Dependence Spatial Error Model Spatial Information Spatial Lag Model Spatial Statistics Spatial equity Spatial patterns Spatial synergy Spatiotemporal Graph Neural Network Spatiotemporal big data Spatiotemporal data Spatiotemporal data application Spatiotemporal patterns Spillover effect Standard Statistical Regression Street-Level Imagery Structural Health Monitoring Structural Line Feature Selection Supply Sustainability Sustainable Development Systematic safety scan-to-BIM scan-vs-BIM semantic segmentation simulation skeletonization spatial analysis spatio-temporal analysis stereo-correlation subway cabin supply and demand


Temporal Analysis Temporal Dependence Texture Thematic Data Topic Modeling Topic Selection Topographic Changes Topographic mapping Tourism Management Traceability mechanism Traffic Flow Traffic Regulation Traffic Weighting Trajectory Data Transportation Development Index Transportation System Optimization Tree Detection Tree health temporal analytics the Pearl River Delta the modified RANS k - ε turbulence model topology analysis topology description traffic accidents trajectory data


UAV UVmaps Uncertainty Analysis Unmanned Aerial Systems Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Unstructured Data Urban Urban Big Data Urban Flooding Urban Landscape Quality Urban Planning Urban Sprawl Urban morphology Urbanization User-generated Geodata uncertainty uncertainty analysis urban area urban paving


VIIRS DNB Vanishing Points Vector tile Vehicle routing problem Villages and Hamlets Virtual Visual Analytics Visual SLAM Visualization Visualization System Volumetric Rights Restrictions Responsibilities Volunteered geographical information Voronoi diagram video visual localization
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