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Volume XL-8, 2014 – Keyword index

Volume XL-8, 2014 – Keyword index


AIRS ALOS PALSAR AMSR-E ANOVA ASTER AWiFS AWiFS and LISS III sensors Data Abnormal Leaf Fall Above ground biomass Absorption Feature Accessibility Accident Prone site Accretion Accuracy Acreage Active Remote Sensing Active fire Aerial Photogrammetry Aerial Photographs Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Aerosols Agricultural Agricultural Drought Agricultural drought Agricultural mechanization Agricultural net primary productivity Agriculture Agroclimatic regions Air Quality Index Air Temperature Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer(AVIRIS) Alpha Residual AltiKa Altimeter Altimeter range corrections Amery Anaglyph Analysis Analytic hierarchy process model Analytical Hierarchy Process Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) based Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Annual Parasitic Index (API) Vadodara Antarctic ice shelf Anthropogenic energy flows Application Aquaculture Aquatic macrophytes ArcPy Atmosphere Atmospheric Correction Atmospheric Phase Delay Automatic Extraction Automatic Image Registration Automatic digitization Automation accuracy accuracy assessment aerosol optical depth and Geo-processing and Interlinking of Rivers and NDVI atmosphere attitude exploitation


Backscatter Band Math Band Ratio Band reduction Bathymetry Bhuvan Bioclim Bioclimatic variables Biodiversity Block adjustment Breast Cancer Brightness Temperature Building Reconstruction Bundle block adjustment Burnt Area backscatter coefficient band remapping biosphere boundary integration


CASA CERES CHRIS multiviewing hyperspectral images CMIP5 models CORONA CPR CRISM Cadastral Cadastral maps Calibration Canopy Height Model (CHM) Capacity Building Carbon Carbon Tracker Carbon dioxide Carbonates Cartosat Cartosat-1 Cartosat-1 stereo Cartosat-I Cellular Automata,Markov Chain,Transition Probability,Multi-criteria Evaluation Change Change Detection Change detection Change detection technique Changes Charter Check points Chemical elements Chlorophyll- a concentration Cirrus Clouds Cirrus clouds Classification Classification Techniques Clay minerals Clear-sky Probability Climate Climate Change Climate change Climatic warming Cloud-clearing Clustering Clusters Co-registration Co-seismic deformation Coastal Circulations Coastal Erosion Coastal Protection Coastal Waters Coastal current Coastline changes Coherence Columnar CO Commiphora wightii Community participation Comparison Complex coherence Compositional stratigraphy Conservation Constrained Energy Minimization (CEM) Correction Correlation Coupling hot spots Critical Infrastructure Interdependency Crop Condition Assessment Crop Progression Crop Simulation Model Crop simulation model Crop water stress Crowdsourcing Cyclones capacity building carbon sequestration change detection circular /linear polarization classification classification accuracy community forests composite index computer vision correlation coefficient crop biomass crop separability


DAQLB: Direct Archival and quick look browse DEM DINSAR DISPEC DInSAR DQE DSM DSSAT DTM Dammed lake Data Archival Data Management Data Processing Tool Data fusion Data mining Data sharing Database Decadal change Decentralized Planning Decision Support Decision support Decorrelation Decorrelation stretching Deforestation Deformation Dengue Density Depolarization Depolarization ratio Desertification Detection Developing Countries Differential Absorption Lidar Differential SAR Interferometry Digital Elevation Model Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Dimensionality Reduction Disaggregation Disaster Disaster Management Disaster risk reduction Disasters Disease Severity Score Distance Learning Diurnal Difference Doctoral Degree Drainage network Dual Polarimetric Dummy variable Dynamic data acquisition system decision support system (DSS) decomposition distance education


EDUSAT EKE ENVISAT ASAR Early Warning System EarlyWarning and Response System (EWARS) Earth observation Earthquake Eastern Ghats Eclipse Ecological and socio-economic and demographic factors Ecological disturbance Ecosystem Education Effective Drought Index Elevation Emergency Management Emergency Response Emergency planning Emissivity Emissivity normalisation Endemic Energy balance; net radiation Entropy Epi-polar rectification Error Euclidean Norm (ED Norm) Evaluation Evaporative fraction Evapotranspiration Extraction e-learning ecological monitoring ecosystem services electro-optical payload erectophiles


FPGA Feature Extraction Feature Space Optimization Feature extraction Feature tracking Fengshan Fertilizer use Field data Fire hazard map Flood Floods Foot and Mouth Disease Hazard Zonation model (HFMD-HZ model) Forest Change Forest biomass Forest boundary Forest disturbance Forest dynamics Forest fire Forestry Fragmentation Freeze Fringes Fusion Fuzzy Inference System Fuzzy logic AHP feature extraction filtering fire mitigation fire spread flux forest ecosystem fusion Technique


GDAL GDAL/OGR GDD GIS GIS Tool GIS and GNSS GIS and Remote Sensing GIS based 3D visualization GIS techniques GOSAT GP/GPU GPS GPS Kinematic mode GRACE GSD GWR models Gale Crater Gamit/Globk Gangotri Glacier; Chhota Shigri Glacier Geo-referencing Geodesy Geodetic mass balance Geodynamics Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Geographic Information; Mountain GIS Portal; Mountain environment Geographical Information System Geographical information systems Geoinformatics Geolocation Geomatics Geometric Correction Geometric Moments Geometric accuracy Geometric error Geometry Geomorphic variable Geoservices Geospatial Geospatial Industry Geospatial Map based Election portal (GMEP) Geospatial Modelling Geospatial Technology Geospatial technology Geospatial tools Geostatistical Analysis Gettis Statistical Technique Glacial boundary Glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) Glacier Glaciology Global Positioning System (GPS) Global Warming Globalization Godavari Government Grid cell base Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Ground Water Potential Zones (GWPZ) Ground water Ground water quality Groundwater Quality Growing pattern Guwahati ,Satellite image geochemical analysis geospatial information geostationary satellite global warming granite granodiorite graph greenhouse gas


HEC-RAS HICO HRSC HRSI Hand Hazardous air pollutants Health care Health surveillance Healthcare Critical Infrastructure Hellas Planitia Heterogeneous computing Hierarchical Coloured Petrinet Hierarchical Decision rules High Resolution High Resolution Satellite Data High resolution High resolution data Higher Education Highest High Tide Line Himalaya Himalayas Hindu Kush Himalaya Hindu Kush Himalayan river basins Historical Hopfield neural network Horticultural plantations Human activity Hybrid Computing Hybrid Polarimetry Hydrodynamic channel routing Hydrological analysis Hydrology Hydrology tools Hydrous Sulphates Hyper spectral Hyperion Hyperspectal measurements Hyperspectral Hyperspectral Reflectance Hyperspectral fingerprints Hyperspectral image classification haze high resolution data hybrid polarization hyper spectral hyperspectral hyperspectral image


IBI ICA ICP ICT IDW IDW Technique IF: Intermediate Frequency INDVI INSAT 3D INSAT-3A INSAT-3D IPCC IRRI IRS IRS Cartosat IRS LISS IV IRS Resourcesat-2 LISS-3 ISEA IUCN Ice Calving Identification Image matching Image registration Imager Imagery Impact Analysis Impervious Surfaces India Indian Summer Monsoon Indian coast Indian plate Indo-Gangetic Plain Information Extraction Insolation Integrated Forest Z-score (IFZ) Intensity-Duration plot International Charter Internet Interoperability Interpretation Intrinsic Dimensionality Inundation Irrigated area Irrigation Iteratively Re-weighted Multivariate Alteration Detection (IR-MAD) i3dQAS image acquisition image acquisition efficiency image matching imaging satellite in-flight calibration inter-intra band interpolation methods iron ores grades


LFDC LISS-3 LISS-III LISS-IV LST LSWI LUCC LULC LULC classification LWIR (Long Wave Infrared) Land Land Cover Land Cover Change Land Surface Temperature (LST) Land Use Land Use Land Cover Land Use/Land Cover Land Use/Land Cover Change Land cover Land sat Land use Land use land cover Land use land cover change Land use/ Land Cover Land use/land cover Landsat Landsat TM Landsat TM/ETM+/8 Landsat TRIS/8/LDCM Landsat-8 Landscape Mapping Landslide Landslide Landslide Hazard Zones Landuse intensity Landuse/Landcover Laser Scanning Laser remote sensing Latent heat flux Leaf Area Index Leapfrog development Level-0 Level-1 LiDAR LiDAR,segmentation Lidar Lidar ratio Light Toned Layered Deposits Linear spectral unmixing Litho-contact delineation Livelihood risk Local Moran LISA statistics Local Multiple patterns WorldView-2 Look angle land cover land use landscape assessment latitudinal variations linear regress model and biomass change long term trend look-alikes


MANU MATLAB MBPS: Mega Bytes per second MEX MGDI MIR MLR MNDWI MNF MOD13Q1 MODIS MODIS images MODIS-<i>a</i> Comparison MODIS: Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer MOPITT MRO-CRISM MRV MTF MTTCIMF algorithm Mafic minerals Mahalanobis Majority Rule Based (MRB) aggregation Malaria Mangrove ecosystem Mangroves health Map server MapWinGIS Mapping Markov Chain model Mars Master degree Matching Mathematical Modeling MaxEnt Maximum cross correlation Measurements Melt Meteosat-7 Methane Method Microwave Remote Sensing Mineral exploration Minimum Noise Fraction Minimum Noise Fraction (MNF) Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) Mobile Application Modelling Monitoring Mono window algorithm Monteith efficiency model Morphometric Parameters Multi Criteria Analysis Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Multi Criteria Evaluation (MCE) Multi-date Remote Sensing Multi-date data Multi-resolution Segmentation Multi-tiering Multi-view Stereo (MVS) Multinomial logistic regression Multiple classifier system Multiresolution Multisensor Multispectral (MS) Multitemporal Mussavies mitigation and adaptation modified Gaussian model (MGM) morphology mountain environment multi criteria evaluation (MCE) multi-date SAR data multi-sensor imagery multiple scattering approximation multispectral


NDEM NDSI NDVI NDWI NEdT NOAA Carbon Tracker NPP Narmada Basin National Natural Rubber Need Assessment Net Energy Balance Net Primary Productivity Net Surface Radiation Network Analysis Network Routing Neural Neural network classifier Nishinoshima volcano Nitrogen application North Eastern Region Northern Tamil Nadu natural hazards nutrient pattern


OBIA OCM-2 OGC web services OLI OLR and AOD OSCAR currents OSCAT OSSIM Object based image analysis Ocean color monitor Oceanic winds and waves Oceanography Oceansat-2 Odorous compounds Oil spill Ontology Open Source OpenCL Operational Remote Sensing Systems Optical Depth Optical depth Optically Complex Water Ortho-Mosaic Photo Ortho-image Ortho-images Ortho-rectified Image Orthoimage Orthopohoto object oriented open source optical depth orbit-aligned orthoimage


PCA PCM PFZ advisories PLSR PR PS-InSAR PSK: Phase Shift key Panchromatic image (PAN) Payload health Payload planning Persistent Scatterers Petri Nets Phenology Phyllosilicates Phytoplankton Blooms Planning syllabi Point Cloud Polarimetric Interferometric SAR (POLINSAR) Polarization Pole of rotation Population Poverty and Vulnerability Precinct Area Boundary Precipitation Precipitation Trends Prediction Primary Productivity Prim’s Algorithm Principal Component Analysis Principal Component analysis Probability Processing Production Productivity Projective tranformation Public health Punjab PyWPS Python particulate matter phenology planophiles population distribution


RADARSAT RADARSAT-2 RAM: Random Access Memory RAMPv2 RCP REDD+ RISAT-1 RISAT-1 MRS RISAT-I RMW RPCs RS and GIS RS2-AWiFS Radar Radar Altimeter Radar backscatter Radiance Radiative Transfer Radiometric Quality Radiometry Radiosonde Rain Gauge Rainfall Raman lida Random subspace method Ransac Raster Re-emerged plots Real-time Processing Records of Rights (ROR) Red Edge Inflection Point Reference Channel Refoliation Registration Regression Remote Sensing Remote Sensing & GIS Remote Sensing (RS) Remote Sensing ABSTRACT: Remote Sensing and GIS Remote sensing Remote sensing applications Remote-sensing Resourcesat Respiratory diseases Respiratory risk map Retrieval Rice Rice cultural types Rice genotypes Rice suitability map Risk Management Risk Mitigation Risk analysis River Basin Road Detection Rocky desertification Ross Rubber yield Runoff Depth Rupnagar Rural Energy Balance Model Rural ecosystem regional wheat yield registration remote sensing GIS remote sensing detection resolution


SACRS2 SAR SAR images SAR interferometry SAR polarimetry SARAL SAVI SERVIR SIFT SMART SSHA SST SVM SVMDRC SW Monsoon SWAT Salt-tolerant rice varieties Sampling Sanwer Satellite Satellite Altimetry Satellite Data Satellite Data Processing Satellite Imagery Satellite Oceanography Satellite based Data Inputs Satellite data Satellite data product Scatterometer Scatterometer (OSCAT) Scatterometers wind Schema Sea Level Rise Seasonality Sediment Segmentation Semantic Retrieval Semi-arid region Semi-automation Sensitivity Analysis (SA) Services Oriented Architecture Shadow Analysis Shallow Aquifer Shoreline analysis Shoreline changes Shortwave Albedo Simulation Singhbhum iron ore belt Single-Image-Super resolution Snow Cover Change Detection Snow grain size Social Vulnerability Index; Land Use Land Cover Change; Conservation; Sustainable development Socio-economic development Socio-economic influence Software Soil Soil Moisture Soil Properties Soil adjusted vegetative indices Soil moisture Soil water index Sounder South-Asia Sparse Representation Spatial Spatial Analyst Tool Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) Spatial Fuzzy Logic Spatial Information Infrastructure Spatial Multi-criteria Decision Analysis (SMCDA) Spatial Variability Spatial adjustment tool Spatial association analysis Spatial autocorrelation Spatial statistical analysis Spatio-temporal Data Fusion Spatiotemporal Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Spectra Spectral Spectral Angle Mapper Spectral Disease Indices Spectral Geometry Spectral Indices Spectral Matching Spectral analysis Spectral angle mapper Spectral spatial classification Spectroradiometer Sprawl Sprawl Metrics StaMPS Standardisation Statistical Indices Statistics Stereo image Stereo pair Stokes Parameters Stokes vector Structure from Motion (SfM) Sub-pixel Subsurface lineaments Suitability Sundarbans Sunkoshi Super Resolution Reconstruction Super resolution mapping Support Vector Machine Support Vector Machine (SVM) Support Vector Machine Classification Surface Surface Reflectance Surface Runoff Surface lineaments Surface temperature Surveillance Susceptibility map Suspended Suspended Sediment Concentration Swath Expansion Syllabus Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry segmentation semi -variogram semi-automatic sensible heat flux; latent heat flux sensor model shifting cultivation simple interpolation slope spatial coherence spectral re-sampling statistical analysis stereo sub pixel location identification supervised surface deformation


TIR-1 TLS TMI TRMM TanDEM X Tapi Target tracking Targets Tele-education Temperature Temporal Temporal analysis Terrestrial Water Storage Texture Thematic Thermal Thermal Hyperspectral Thermal data Time series Time series data Time-series data Transboundary landscape Transformed Divergence Transportation Network Trend Triangle Method Tribal health Trickle-down effect Turbidity Reflectance tele-education terrain curvatures texture tiepoints


UAV Ultracam-D Unified Framework University Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Upper Tropospheric Humidity Urban Urban Environment Urban Heat Island (UHI) Urban Sprawl Urban Thermal Field Variance Index (UTFVI) Urban expansion Urbanization Uttarakhand urban boundary extraction urban modelling


VGPM VGPM model VIC Validation Valles Marineris Variability Vegetation Vegetation indices Vegetation water content Village Developmental Committee and crop monitoring Village women Virtual Private Network (VPN) Virtualized Storage Visualization Vulnerability vegetation indices vulnerability


WCS WFS WPS Water Equivalent height (WEH) Water Harvesting Structures Water Level Decline Water Quality Parameters Water Vapor Water resources assessment Watershed Waveform Waveform Retracking Wavelet transform Web GIS Web Services Weighted Constant Wheat Yellow Rust Wind speed World View-II WorldView-2 water management


X Ray Diffraction
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