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Volume XLII-3/W6, 2019 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-3/W6, 2019 – Keyword index


AMSR-2 APAR AVHRR AVIRIS-NG AWiFS Abiotic stress Accuracy Accuracy Assessment Accuracy assessment Agricultural Drought Agricultural Management Agricultural yield Agriculture Agriculture Drought Agriculture expansion Agroecology Alternative host crops Analytical hierarchy process AquaCrop AquaCrop model Arabica coffee Area Area Estimation Area mapping Arid Region Artificial Neural Network Auto encoders Autoencoder agricultural land use agricultural water requirement agriculture agroforestry albedo anthocyanin content area


Backscatter ratio Backscattering Coefficients Bacterial wilt disease Banana Bankura Big Data Bihar Biomass Burning back scattering backscatter bio-physical parameters bioenergy biomass


CART CCE CCE data CERES CHAMAN CNN Calamities Cartosat Cellulose Absorption Index Change detection Chlorophyll Citrus Classification Climate Change Climate Variability Climate change Cloud Computing Clustering techniques Coconut Coherence Cold storages Contextual remote sensing Copernicus Coriander Cotton Crop Acreage Crop Classification Crop Growth Analysis Crop Intensity Crop Modeling Crop Production Crop Rotation Crop Simulation Model Crop Surface Estimation Crop Yield Estimation Crop acreage Crop growth Crop growth model Crop insurance Crop modeling Crop proportions Crop residue cover Crop simulation Crop type mapping Crop yield estimation Cropland Cropping Cycles Cropping Pattern Cropping system Cropping system indices Crops canal line carbon carotenoid content chlorophyll content chlorophyll content index classification climate change coffee coherence cold storages consumptive water use cotton bollworm crop residue


DES DSSAT Damage Assessment Data Collection Decision Tree Classifier Decision aid Deep Learning Digital Augmentation Dimensionality reduction Disaster Discrimination Drought Dry Spell Dry lands deep learning detection dry spell


ENVI EVI Earth Observation El Niño Ensemble Learning Environmental factors Evaporation Evapotranspiration earth observation emerging hot and cold spot analysis


FASAL Feature Selection Feature Space Optimization Flood Inundation Mapping Flood inundation Flood management Flowering Stage Food security fallow land fire fluorescence food security


GIS GPP Gandheshwari Geo-information GeoAgro Geographic Information System (GIS) Geomatics Geospatial Decision Support System Geospatial technology Google Earth Engine Grain Filling Stage Grain Yield Ground Truth global monitoring


HDRC HH Heat Waves Helicoverpa armigera Hierarchical segmentation Hybrid polarimetry Hydrologic Modeling Hyperspectral Hyperspectral Imaging Hyperspectral data Hyperspectral image Hyperspectral remote sensing height high resolution hyperspectral remote sensing


IHR INEGI INSAT-3D ISO-DATA Clustering ISODATA In-situ measurement India Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS) LISS-III Infrastructure Planning Intensification Inventory Inversion Irrigation Irrigation mapping interferogram inventory irrigated water needs estimates


KNN Kappa Index Kappa coefficient Kernel Optimization Kernel optimization Kharif Rice Kharif Rice Yield Kharif rice Kharif season Ku band Ku-band


LAI LISS III LST LSWI LULC La Niña Land Cover Change Land Suitability Land Use Planning Land Use and Cover Land Use and Land Covers Land use changes Landsat Landsat 8 Landsat 8 OLI Landsat TM and ETM+ Landsat-8 Leaf Area Index Lightning land use/land cover leaf area index


MODIS MXL Machine Learning Maize Maize crop Mango Marker selection Maximum Likelihood Classifier Meteorological Drought Monitoring Monteith model Multi criteria analysis Multi-Temporal Images Multi-temporal features Crop area estimation Multiple Regression Multispectral Multitemporal Mwekera forest reserve México m-χ decomposition machine learning microwave


NDVI NDVI Time Series NDVI threshold NDWI NPP National Land Use Policy National Land Use Project Naïve Bayes Non-linear Normalized Difference Indices Nutrient discharge neural network


PASM PLSR PMFBY Paddy Parameterized Classification Partial Informational Correlation Pattern Recognition Percent Tolerance Interval (PTI) Phenology Phenophases Plant height Potato Production Pulses Purulia pH phenology polarization potential evapotranspiration production


R2 RCP 4.5 RCP 8.5 RGB false composition RISAT-1 RISAT-1 SAR RMSE RMSE and t-test RMSEP RPD RS-2 Rabi Season Radar Radarsat-2 Rainfall Random Forest Random Forest Regression Random forest Rapeseed-mustard Reflectance Reflectance Spectroscopy Remote Sensing Remote Sensing and GIS Remote sensing Reservoir Resourcesat-2 Rice Rice Crop Detection Rice Phenology Rice Plant Disease Rice Yield Rice residue Rice yield Rice-Fallows Rice-Wheat River Island River discharge River dynamics Rule Based random forest regression model remote sensing residue burning restructuring rice rice detection rice monitoring rice planting date


SAR SAR Interferometry SCATSAT-1 SOC SVM SWAT Satellite Image Satellite image Scatterometer Seasonal Forecasting Sedimentation process Semi-Physical Model Sentinel Sentinel 1A Sentinel 2 Sentinel 2A Sentinel data Sentinel data fusion Sentinel-1 Sentinel-1A Sentinel-2 Sentinel-2A Site suitability Sodic land Soil Characteristics Soil Moisture Soil moisture Soil salinity Sorghum Soybean Spatial effect of rainfall Spatialisation Spectral Angle Mapper Spectroradiometer Standard Precipitation Index Standardized Precipitation Index Standardized Vegetation Index Sugarcane Suitability Support Vector Machine Classifier Support Vector machine Surface Energy Balance (SEB) Models Synthetic Aperture Radar Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Synthetic Aperture Radar data seasonal rainfall sentinel-l sigma-0 soybean spatial and temporal changes spatial disaggregation spectral indices spectral library spectral signature sunflower supervised classification surface energy balance


TIR remote sensing TRISHNA TRISHNA mission Temperature Vegetation Dryness Index Thermal Infrared Transfer Learning Transpiration Trends Trigger temperate horticulture traditional & non-traditional regions transfer learning transferability tree health tree mapping


VCI VIIRS VIIRS and NDVI VV Vegetation Change Vegetation Condition Index Vegetation Health Index Vegetation Index Vegetation change Vegetation indices Vulnerability


Water management Water use efficiency (WUE) Watershed Weather Based Model Weather data Weighted Sum Wheat Wheat Blast Wheat area mapping White stem borer water content water detection waterlogged wet spell wheat
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