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Volume XLVI-M-1-2021, 2021 – Keyword index

Volume XLVI-M-1-2021, 2021 – Keyword index


3D 3D Database 3D Dense reconstruction 3D Laser Scanning 3D Modeling 3D Models 3D Reconstruction 3D Visualization 3D archiving 3D digital survey 3D digitalization 3D kinematic analysis 3D mesh models 3D model 3D modelling 3D models 3D point clouds 3D printing 3D reconstruction 3D reconstructive modelling 3D survey 3D virtual restoration model 3d acquisition


AEC for conservation AR Aborigines’ struggle Accuracy Adaptive Reuse Aerial & Terrestrial Data Acquisition Aerial photogrammetry Alleys System Amount of bricks used Ancient Building Andrea Palladio Anthropological approach Applicability of Technology ArcGIS Archaeological restoration Archaeology Archeologies Arches Architectural Heritage Architectural Plans Archival Research Art Documentation Artificial Intelligence Assessment Augmented Reality Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented reality Authenticity Auto de Fe accuracy evaluation accurate archaeological site architectural research architectural sites archival aerial photographs atmosphere augmented reality automatic photogrammetry


BIM BLE Banded vaults Best Practice Big Data Brick Masonry British Concession Building Archaeology Building Documentation Building information modelling Bulge extraction built heritage


CAD CIDOC CRM CIPA 2021 Cartography Case Study Cataloguing Challenges Chang'an City Site of Tang Dynasty City Information Modeling City wall City wall diseases Collaborative Data Exchange Color Management System Color Reproduction Colorimetry Commercial Activities Communication Comparative Analysis Computational Intersections Computational Representation Computational knowledge of digital intersection Computational knowledge/Integration Computed Tomography (CT) Conservation Conservation Planning Conservative Restoration Contaminated Hybrid Representation Contemporary architecture Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Coordinate transformation Crowdsourcing Cultural Cultural Heritage Cultural Landscape Cultural Relics Protection Cultural Significance Cultural heritage Cultural heritage inspection Cultural landscapes capacity building classification cloud archive conservation conservation architecture evaluation conservation planning convolutional neural network (CNN) costal landscape coworking spaces cultural heritage cultural landscapes inventory


DGCNN Damage detection Damage mapping Data Collection Data Comparison Data Fusion Data Integration Data fusion Data integration Data management Data sharing Dazu Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva Decision making Deep Learning Deformation monitoring Dense Image Matching Design Mock-up Deterioration Deviation Analysis Diagnostics Digital Acquisition Digital Architectural Heritage Digital Cultural Heritage Digital Documentation Digital Documentation’s Ontology Digital Humanities Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Digital Interaction and Sharing Digital Lexicon Digital Metamorphosis Digital Model Digital Morphology Digital Regeneration Digital Survey Digital archaeology Digital replica Digital survey Digital tools Digital twin Digitalization Digitization Dimensionality Reduction Disease Investigation Disease analysis Disease extraction Dissemination Distant Learning Documentation Dolomite Marble Dong minority Drawing Driving Factors Drone Drone photogrammetry Drum Tower damage classification damage modelling data managing data recording data representation dataset decay deep learning diachronic models digital built heritage digital database digital documentation digital museums digital restoration digital survey digitisations digitization dilated convolution documentation dynamic adjustment


Earthquake East Asian city modernization Education Educational toolkit Egyptology Emergin Emotional responses Endoscopy Energy requalification Energy retrofit Enhancement Environmental psychology Excavations Expeditious Urban Survey Eye tracking eXtended Reality (XR) earthquake endangered heritage environmental monitoring


FFT Fast Survey Felix Candela Finite Element Method Fixations Foguang Temple Forbidden City Frameworks Full Lifecycle Management flood risk functionality fuzzy c-means (FCM) clustering


GIS GNSS Game Development Generative adversarial network Geodetic reference frame Geographic Information System Geographical Information System Geographical Weighted Regression (GWR) Geometric Documentation Geometric analysis Georeferencing Gigapixel Government selection Grottoes Grottoes protection Guatemala geometrical reconstruction geometry


H-BIM HBIM HBIM Toolbar HGIS Hailongtun Heritage Heritage Building Information Model (HBIM) Heritage Inventories Heritage Inventory Heritage Management Heritage Planning Heritage Site Heritage diagnosis Heritage protection Heritage spaces Hermitages Hisctoric Towns Historic Buildings Historic Masonry Historic and cultural districts Historic patterns Historic structure Historic structures Historical Centers Historical mining History of Medieval Art Holograms Holographic Device Hyperbolic Paraboloid handheld scanner heritage heritage communication heritage documentation hierarchical micro-environmental control threshold historical cartography historical data historical landscape historical photos historical reconstruction hydraulic analyses hypogeum


Identity transfer Image Processing Image based modelling Immersive Photography Indoor Micro-Environment Monitoring Indoor Mobile Mapping Industrial heritage Information Information sharing Infrared Infrared Thermography Intangible Heritage Integrated 3D survey Integrated Digital Technology Interactive Virtual Objects (IVOs),Virtual Museum Interpretation Interpretation of Cultural Route Italy image segmentation industrial heritage properties integrated survey interactivity


LIDAR Land Regulation Laser Scanner Laser Scanning Laser scanning LiDAR Linear Feature Linking World Heritage Stakeholders LoRa Local identity Lost Architectural Heritage Low-cost sensors living heritage low-cost


MMS Management and maintenance Mapping Heritage Markerless AR Masonry construction Material degradation Medieval Archaeology Megalithic Tomb Messina Metric Documentation Metric Quality Assessment Mobile AR Mobile Laser Scanner Mobile Laser Scanning Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) Modeling Monitoring Mountain Resort Multi-dimensional knowledge in Process Multi-scalar Approach Multi-sensor acquisition Multisensor Multispectral Mural Museo d’Arte Orientale mapping modelling monitoring museum heritage


PM2.5 Pabellón de Rayos Cósmicos Panoramic images Pansharpening Parametric Design Participation People engagement Perceptual strategies Perspective restitution Phase Correlation (PC) Photogrammetry Photogrammetry Modeling Photographic archives Piazza Armerina Point Cloud Point Cloud Classification Point Cloud Coloring Point Cloud Registration Point Cloud Segmentation Point Clouds Point cloud classification Porta Palatina Post-Pandemic Era Post-modern architecture Preface Preservation Preservation and Development Preventive Conservation Preventive Protection Preventive protection Previous tests Procedural modelling Protection PuZhou Ancient City Public Awareness paddy-rice parametric objects library photogrammetry photointerpretation phygital heritage poorly accessible procedural modelling projection mapping


Railway Masonry Arch Bridge Random forest Reality-based model Reality-based modeling Recording Recording tools Regional Cultural Heritage Preservation Remote Education Remote Fruition Remote Sensing Remote Sensing Image Renewal Replication Representation Resolution Enhancement Restoration Restoration scheme Retrospective Comparison Classification Retrospective Intersections Reuse Ribbed cross vaults Road Network Structure Rockery Roman Forum Roman ruins Roof Extraction rapid mapping receptive fields recommendation remote documentation restoration ribbed vaults rock-cut architecture


SAHRIS SLAM SRCNN SWIFT system by Faro Technologies Salt Weathering Sardinia Satellite Imagery Scan-to-BIM School-Work project Semantic Data Modelling Semantic Network Semantic Segmentation Semantics Sentinel 2 Settlement SfM SfM survey Shanghai Shape Grammars Shape grammar Sicily Silk Road Silk Roads Simulation Skyline analysis Smart mobile devices Sobrado Social Inclusion Social Media Soong Ching Ling’s Statue South Africa Space Information System Spalling disease Spatial Analysis Spatial Autocorrelation Spatial Form Spatial Interpretation Strategy Spatio-temporal Database Spatiotemporal Pattern Spherical Image Sport Hall Stone Carving Relics Stone monuments Stone tablets Storytelling Strategy Stratification Structural Simulation Structure from Motion Structure-from-Motion Structured light Sunken cave dwellings Super-resolution Superpixels Survey Surveying and mapping technology Sustainability Systematic Literature Review seasonal landscape semantic semantic segmentation sense of place shape grammar sharing economy simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) site recording smartphone soluble salts mapping southeast Asia spatial information spherical photogrammetry stakeholder standard process standards structural damage structural survey sustainable tourism


TLS Tang-Tibet Road Teaching Terrestrial 3D laser scanning Terrestrial Laser Scanning The Forbidden City The Lama Temple The scale of evidence The virtual restoration framework Thermal Imaging Three-Dimensional Scanning and Printing Tianjin Traditional Chinese village Trend Analysis Turin Typological study tangible and intangible cultural heritage terrestrial laser scanning threshing floors training


U.A.V UAV UWB Unity Game Engine Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Unreal Engine Urban Construction Management Urban Heritage Urban architectural heritage underground building heritage urban analysis user experience


VR Valorisation Value carrier Vault Vernacular architecture Video 3d reconstruction Viewshed analysis Virtual Museums Virtual Reality Virtual Reality (VR) Virtual Tour Virtual archaeology Virtual musealization Virtual reality Virtual restoration Visitor Volumes Visual impact videogrammetry virtual environment virtual reality virtual visual storytelling visual SLAM visual scripting visualization


WWII military heritage Wall Painting WebGIS Wi-Fi Fingerprinting World World Cultural Heritage World Heritage wall paintings water infiltration wearable mobile laser system web-based platform widespread historical centres wooden structure workshop world heritage
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