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Volume XLII-2/W15, 2019 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-2/W15, 2019 – Keyword index


360 panoramic images 3D 3D Documentation 3D Laser Scanning 3D Model 3D Modeling 3D Modelling 3D Printing 3D Reconstruction 3D Recording 3D Representation 3D Scanning 3D Survey 3D analysing 3D digitalization 3D digitization 3D documentation 3D drawing 3D environment 3D inspection 3D laser scanning 3D laser-scanning 3D modeling 3D modelling 3D models 3D parametric modelling 3D printing 3D reconstruction 3D scanning 3D survey 3D surveying 3D-Scan 3d print 3d-web platform


AR Accessibility Accuracy and Precision Assessment Acoustic Devices Additive Manufacturing Agip colony Al-Andalus Algorithm Rebuild Algorithmic Design Algorithmic Modelling Algorithmic design Algorithms All-round information access technology Alqosh Analysis Anamorphosis Ancient Termez Ancient agricultural terraces Antique sculptures Apollonio theorem Applied graphic innovation; Teaching material based on infographics; Dissemination in urban legislation; Asset of Cultural Interest; Historical complex of Seville; Urban parameters in BIC environments Archaeological blocks Archaeology Archimedes theorem Architectural Heritage Architectural Heritage, digital fabrication Architectural Survey Architectural archives Architectural drawings Architectural heritage monitoring and evaluation Architectural heritage performance improvement and value continuation Architectural heritage protection Architectural heritage value and protection demand cognition Architectural perspective Architectural survey Archive Images Artificial Intelligence Artist Classification Augmented Reality Aurelian Walls Automatic extraction method Automation Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Avdat Avila adaptive clusters filtering adaptive reuse advanced geomatics aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry algorithm modeling archaeological excavations architectural model architecture assessment automation autonomous


BIM BIM model BIM modelling Backing panel Bagan Bags of Visual Words Bath Bathymetric Surveys Blender Bridges Bronze Age Bronze Mirrors Building Archaeology Building information model Built Heritage Built heritage backpack best practice biomechanical analysis bracket set buffer zone bundle adjustment


CADToBIM CDE CH Documentation CIDOC CRM CORONA Satellite Capacity Building Carlo Mol Cataloguing Census and Identification Challenges Change-detection Characterization Mudwall Charterhouse of Jerez China Chinese Paintings Chinese ancient architecture Churches Classification Cloud Compare Cloud to BIM Codesign Coffered Domes Collaborative Mapping Colonial Architecture Comparison Computer Vision Conservation Conservation Management Plan Conservation Management System Content Enrichment Convolutional Neural Networks Convolutional Neural Networks Covariance features Crowdsourcing Cultural Experience Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage Documentation Cultural Heritage Routes Cultural Heritage Technologies Cultural Heritage documentation Cultural Heritage inspections Cultural History Cultural Relic Protection Cultural Relic Similarity Cultural heritage Cultural relics reproduction classification close-range photogrammetry code of practice community involvement condition assessment conservation consolidation contemporary art controlled vocabulary covariance features crack monitoring cultural heritage cyberarchaeology


DTM Damage classification Damage detection Data Data Base Data Driven Design Data Warehouse Data fusion Data integration Data mining Deep Convolutional Neural Network Deep Learning Deep learning Dense matching Descriptor Digital Cultural Heritage Digital Documentation Digital Heritage Digital Heritage Documentation Digital Humanities Digital Inventories Digital Survey Digital Twin (DT) Digital Workflows Digital archive Digital assets Digital documentation Digital innovation Digital preservation Digital reassembling Digitalisation Digitization Disaster Recovery Disaster management Display Dissemination Documentation data and information visualization data fusion data interpretation density design process diagnostics differentiation; regularized reconstruction digital archaeology digital cartography digital cultural heritage digital model digital phenomenology digitisation digitization dinosaur bones dipteral temples discretization documentation drawing dynamic module dynamic modulus


E-learning EBIM EEG Edge-detection Education Egyptian architecture Egyptian coffin Eladio Dieste English Landscape Garden Essay Ethics Exhibition Design Exhibition Pl Expedition-Center Visits Eye-tracking emergency survey energy efficiency environmental artwork


GIS GIS Sotfware application GIS and Secondary development Gamification Generative modeling Geomatics Geometric Primitives Geometry Geospatial database Giuseppe Vaccaro Google Earth Grade of Generation (GoG) Grade of generation (GOG) Graffiti Graphical data flow Grasshopper Grid System Guarino Guarini Guidelines game engines geometry glass scanning guideline


H-BIM H2020 RISE H5 HBIM HTML Hadrian's Villa Height Control Heritage Heritage Interpretation Heritage Conservation Heritage Landscape Heritage Landscape Information Model (HLIM) Heritage Management Heritage documentation Heritage fragments segmentation Heritage valorisation Historic Building Information Modeling (HBIM) Historic Building Information Modelling (HBIM) Historic Cities Historic City Historic Gardens Historic Urban Landscape Historic and Critical Analysis Historic bell towers Historical Building Historical Constructions Historical Documentation Historical Video Classification Historical architecture Historical buildings Humidity content Hybrid Recognition Hyperspectral handheld optical tracked laser scanning handheld scanner heritage high resolution photography historic building historic restoration historical research humidity contents hybrid methods in photogrammetry hydraulic system


IBMR ICP IR thermal imaging IRT Ideal model Image Classification Image Recognition Image repository Image-Based Modelling Image-based and Range-based survey Indonesian Temples Indoor point clouds Information Models Library Information systems InfraRed Thermography Infrared Thermography Infrastructure Integrated Conservation Integration of Active and Passive Sensors Intelligent management Interactive Projection mapping Internet Interoperability Interoperable processes Inventories Iraq Iron Age Iron and steel structure Islamic Heritage illusory space image plausibility image processing image repository image-based approach images index frame model indoor climate information modeling information perception infrared camera infrared thermography integration data


LADAR Landscape Landscape reconstruction Laser Scanning Laser scanner survey, aerial photogrammetry Laser scanning Level of Reliability Level of detail LiDAR Linked Data landscape laser scanner laser scanning levels of detail long term monitoring lost heritage


MVS Machine Learning Makli Hills Management Management Plan Management Platform Mapping Marble Marine robotics Masonic Lodge Masonry Matching Maya Media Art Mesh Retopology Mobile Application Mobile Computing Mobile Devices Mobile Mapping Systems Modeling Modelling Modelling automation Modern Architecture Modern Latin American Architecture Modernist Heritage Monitoring Monitoring of Deformation Multi-Sensor Multi-scale Documentation Museum Museum experience Museum of Architecture maintenance mapping masonry methodology micro-mapping mobile mapping systems modelling moisture monitoring monuments mosque movable heritage multi-sensor multi-spectral multi-view stereo (MVS) musealization museum collection


NDT Monitoring NURBS Nahum´s shrine Natural Hazard Neo Mayan Arc Neural Networks New technology, Fuzhou Nidaros Cathedral Normalization Nymphaeum of Egeria non-planar surfaces


P. L. Nervi P. pseudostrobus Painting Analysis Palazzo Barberini Panorama Parametric modeling Parametric modelling Perception Petroglyphs Photogrammetric Workflow Photogrammetry Photomosaic Pigments Pipelines Playful learning Point Cloud Point Clouds Point cloud Point cloud processing Point cloud filtering Point clouds Post-catastrophe surveying Preservation innovative map tools Preventive Conservation Procedural Modelling Process reengineering Processing Projective Geometry pHash Algorithm painting damage parametric participatory analysis patch-based photogrammetric photogrammetric model photogrammetric techniques photogrammetry physical model physics-based modelling planning point cloud polychrome preventive conservation. pseudo-dipteral temples


RGB camera RGB-ITR RTI Random Forest Rapid Prototyping Reassembly Recording Recording techniques Reflectance Registration Regularity Relevant views Reliability Matrix Rembrandt van Rijn Remote Sensing Research Restoration Restoration design Restoration methodology Restoration survey Reverse Modelling Risk Analysis Risk assessment Roman Roman Bridge Rome Royal Castle in Warsaw range-based method reality-based modelling reconstructing the past recording registration regularity rehabilitation reliability remote colourimetry representation restoration restoration and conservation reverse engineering risk assessment


S. Giovanni Maggiore SAHRIS SCAN-to-BIM SLAM Scan registration Scan-to-BIM ScanToBIM Scientific Culture Heritage Sebastiano Tusa Segmentation Seismic Assessment Seismic Damage Seismic vulnerability Semantics Sentiment Analysis Serious Game Serious games SfM Sicily Sift Operator Sindh Smart City Software Development South Africa Spectral Library Spherical Photogrammetry Standardization Stellar Vaults Storing vertically Street-level data Structural Analysis Structural workflow Structure from Motion Structure from motion Structure-from-motion Surface Survey Survey and Representation Synthetic Dataset Syrian Threatened Cultural Heritage System of information sculptural heritage segmentation by slices semantic data management semantic dense stereo semantic priors semantics semi-submerged sensor integration sensors serious games slow routes small artefact spatial quality spherical photogrammetry stained glass stereo system storytelling stress waves structural analysis structural rigidity (stiffness) structured light structured light laser scanner structured light scanning structured-light scanner subsurface settlement survey


TLS Taiwanese historical temple Temples of Ionia TensorFlow Terrestrial Laser Scanner Terrestrial Laser Scanning Terrestrial laser scanning Testaccio Textile banners Thatta The East Main Hall Topics Topography Traditional Chinese Timber Structure Building Traditional building techniques Transparency of reconstruction Tycore board terrestrial laser scanning three-dimensional survey tile work turntable


UAV UAV Photogrammetry UAV photogrammetry UAVs Unbuilt architecture Under Water Photogrammetry Underwater 3D reconstruction Underwater archaeology Underwater photogrammetry Underwater surveys Unesco Sites Unity Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photogrammetry Upper Kama Region Urban Planning Uzbekistan ultrasound urban heritage conservation


VR Valorisation Values Vannini Vault Vault construction, Santini-Aichel Vault modelling Vaults Vaults restoration Very close-range photogrammetry Views of Nature Virtual Heritage Virtual Modelling Virtual Museum Virtual Museums Virtual Reality Virtual Reconstruction Virtual Tour Virtual museums Virtual reality Virtual reconstruction Visual SLAM Visualized Depth Information Vuforia validated survey vaulted systems virtual museum virtual reality virtual reconstruction virtualization


Wall Painting Conservation Wearable Mobile Mapping System Web Database Web platforms Website White and Black References Wooden architectural Workflow wave velocity web mapping wood construction
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