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Volume XLII-2/W9, 2019 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-2/W9, 2019 – Keyword index


360° Panoramas 360° camera 3D 3D Imaging 3D Integrated Survey 3D Laser Scanner 3D Modelling 3D Models 3D Printing 3D Survey 3D Visualization 3D analysis 3D documentation 3D integrated survey 3D model 3D modeling 3D modelling 3D printing 3D reconstruction 3D reconstructions 3D scanner 3D survey 3D surveying 3D visualization 3D web application 3DHOP 3d Reconfiguration 3d digital fabrication 3d models


4D management


AR Accuracy Adaptive Reuse Advanced 3D Algorithmic modelling Amphitheatre of Avella Andrea Pozzo Aquileia Arch structure Archaeological Survey Archaeology Archeological knowledge Architectural Heritage Architectural Heritage Data Management Architectural energetics Architecture Architecture simulation Archival Research Archive Images Artificial Intelligence As-Built Assessment Augmented Reality Automation accessibility accuracy accuracy analysis accuracy comparison advanced layout archaeological survey archaeology archaeology of architecture architectural heritage architecture as-built BIM augmented reality automation in data processing


BIM BIM for Cultural Heritage BIM for Cultural Heritage (HBIM) Bagan Baroque Atria Bayer pattern Bethlehem Biomechanics Brazil Bronze Age Building Building Information Modeling Building Survey & Mapping Building heritage bas-relief bastioned fortifications building site


CIDOC-CRM CNC Caloric expenditure Camarles Tower Camera pose estimation Castello Sforzesco of Milan Close-Range Laser Scanning Close-Range Photogrammetry Close-Range Photogrammeytry Close-range photogrammetry Cloud to 3D model comparison Cloud-based Platform Clustering Coastal Sites Complex architecture Conservation Construction Construction Site Monitoring Constructive Techniques Convolutional Neural Networks Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage Buildings Cultural heritage cascade SfM city-scale model collapsed rocks computational design conservation cultural heritage cultural heritage monitoring


Dalmine Data Accessing Data Modeling Deep Learning Deformation Digital Cultural Heritage Digital Documentation Digital Fabrication Digital Heritage Documentation Digital Models Digital Photogrammetry Digital terrain Model Disabled People Dissemination Documentation Domes Drone Dry-stone building Dynamic measurements data fusion data processing database modeling de-mosaicking deep convolutional neural networks defensive towers dense image matching deterioration mapping deviations digital representation digital surveys


Echo Sounder Systems Egypt Egyptians Eladio Dieste Equi-rectangular Panoramas Euclidean Geometry Exhibition Eye-tracking e-bim elevation’s stratigraphic readings engravings enhancement


GIS GNSS measurement Gaussian Vaults Generative algorithms Geometric Recording Geometry Georeferencing Google Earth Google Street View Grade of generation (GOG) generative adversarial networks geometric survey georeferencing graphical interfaces


H-BIM HBIM HTC Vive Handheld Mobile Laser Scanning Haptic Simulator Heritage Heritage Complex Heritage Conservation Heritage Documentation Heritage Management High-resolution Mesh Historic City Modelling Historical construction Historical reconstruction h-bim hbim healthcare facilities heritage conservation historic center historic evolution historical Cultural Heritage historical images hospitals’ management


ICT Image Recordings Image-based modelling Indoor modeling Industrial Accidents Survey Information Modeling Integrated Architectural Survey Integration Interpretation Ionic colonnade Italian Architectural Heritage image-based 3D reconstruction image-based survey immersive virtual reality indoor mapping




LIM Landscape Laser Scanner Laser Scanning Laser scanner Laser scanning Layout regularization Least Squares Lighting analysis Limit Analysis Line scanner Low-cost sensor label transfer laser scanning lines


Machine Learning Machine learning Masonry Massive survey Mathematical models Mathematics and Architecture Mathematics and Philosophy Mesh generalization MicMac Middle Kingdom Milan Mobile Apps Mobile Mapping System Mobile Mapping System,SLAM Modeling Modelling Modern Movement Modernist Heritage Motion Platform Multi-scale 3D Multi-source data Multispectral Camera Museum Museum Collections macro photography markerless tracking masonry medieval fortifications model checking modelling


Panoramic images Paradata Documentation Parametric Modelling Parametric surfaces Parametric tools Parametrization Parma baptistery Pattern book Pattern detection Perspective restitution Philosophy of Architecture Photo-modelling Photogrammetry Photorealistic Physically Based Rendering Pleistocene Point Cloud Point Clouds Point cloud Point cloud analysis Point cloud processing and analysis Point cloud segmentation Populonia’s monumental necropolis PostGreSQL/PostGIS Procedural Modeling Procedural Modelling Projective Geometry pathology phase shift photogrammetric survey photogrammetry planned conservation planned maintenance point cloud point cloud processing and analysis point clouds pose estimation


RGB-D data RTI RTI imaging Real time rendering Recording Challenges Registration Remote-computing Representation Reprojection errors Restitution Restoration Reverse modelling Rock Art Roman fluvial port Roman forum reassembly reconstruction reliability reliable tests replica cave restoration project robust detailed MVS rock-cut monuments


SCAN-to-BIM SLAM Sant’Ambrogio Sardinia Scan-to-BIM Segmentation Semantic Semantic Web Serious Game SfM SfM/MVS Shadows Single image 3D restitution Slovenia Solar Temple Spherical Images Spherical Photogrammetry St Ignazio altar Steel Storytelling Stratigraphic Analysis Structural diagnosis Structural systems reverse engineering Structure From Motion Structure from Motion Structure from motion Structure monitoring Structured Light Scanning Survey Syrian Threatened Cultural Heritage safety semantic photogrammetry shape matching shapes single image smart city solomonic order spherical panoramas spherical photogrammetry structure light scanner


TLS TLS data registration Temple of Antas Terrestrial Laser Scanning Texture Mapping Thebes Thermal camera Three-dimensional Tokyo Trace Italienne fortress terrestrial images terrestrial laser scanner terrestrial laser scanning the Royal Castle in Warsaw (Poland) theatre of Benevento three-dimensional documentation three.js time of flight tombs


Valorisation Vault Venetian Fortress of Bergamo Virtual Museum Virtual Reality Virtual museum Virtual reality Virtual reconstruction Virtualgeo Visualization vaults video projection mapping virtual archaeology virtual reality virtual reconstruction virtual tour visualization
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