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Volume XLI-B8, 2016 – Keyword index

Volume XLI-B8, 2016 – Keyword index


AERONET ALOS ALOS-2 ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 ALS AMDB AOD AR model ARGON ASTER Above Ground Carbon Estimation Aboveground Carbon Stocks Abu Dhabi Academe-local government partnership Accretion Adaptive filter Aerial Photo Aerial photography Aerodrome Mapping Database Aerosol Type Affected people Agricultural Land Abandonment Agricultural drought Agriculture Air pollutants Airborne Airborne Laser Scanning Airborne Lidar Airborne laser scanning Albanian coastline Alignment of images Allometric relations Altimetry Antarctica Arabian Gulf Archive Artificial neural networks Atlas Atmosphere Australia Authoritative Map Data Automatic Monitoring Automation Aviation above-ground biomass accessibility accuracy acquisition active remote sensing aerial camera agriculture air quality airborne algorithm development algorithms allometric equations annual temperature cycle anthropology, multidisciplinary research automated classification


Back Propagation Neural Network Backscattering Backscattering Coefficient Barometer Basin Management Bathymetry Beach Volume Change Beas Beas river basin Beech Beijing Belize Benthic Habitats Bentong-Raub Suture Zone Biodiversity Biodiversity assessment Biological Monitoring Biomass Boosted Regression Trees Boundary Lines Brazil Brightness Temperature Broadleaf Forest Broadleaf evergreen forest Building Extraction Built-up area Buried Person Detection band combination beach monitoring biomass biomass estimation


CHM COSMO-SkyMed CVA Cancer Canopy Canopy Height Model (CHM) Carbon stock change Casualties Causative factors Central Asia Central China Certainty factor Certified Dataset Chang-Zhu-Tan agglomeration Change Detection Change detection Child Circuit theory Citrus crop CityGML Class B model Classification Climate Climate Change Climate Change Impacts Climate Change Vulnerability Climate Classification Climate Variability Climate change Cluster Analysis Co-occurrence Matrix Coalbed Methane Coastal Topographic Change Coastal Zones Surveillance Coffee Cold air drainage velocity Cold air pooling Conservation status Consumer camera Cooling rates Coral Reef Correlation Analysis Correlation analysis Coupled Effects Cover Critical Infrastructure Interdependency Crop Crop Management Crop growth stage Crop mapping Crop water requirement Crops Crowdsourcing Crown Delineation CryoSat-2 Cuprite Curvature Cyber City Modeling camera canopy fuel civil protection climate change climate variability close-up photogrammetry cloud computing cloud cover cloud detection coastal coastal erosion coastal land use coastal waters comparison of paired samples competing water demands correction crop crop phenology crop simulation model crop type mapping cropped and un-cropped areas


DBH Estimation DEM DEM generation DInSAR analysis DMSP/OLS DO-200A DSM generation DSP DSS DTM Danube River Dark target Data Assimilation Data Mining Data assimilation Debris Flow Decision Tree Deforestation Delaunay Triangulations Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Digital Image Processing Digital Surface Model Digital Surveys Direct Insertion Disaster Disaster Management Disaster Monitoring Disaster Preparedness Disaster management Disaster prediction Disaster prevention Disease risk factors Distance Analysis Domain knowledge Domestic and Recreational Surface Water Use Drainage Pattern Driven Forces Analysis Drone Drought Dry Intrusion Dual polarisations DubaiSat-2 Dynamic Interpretation Dynamics of Vegetation dNBR data gap data primitive decision support deforestation dense point cloud density changes detection indexes digital images digital surface model disaster and risk adaptation and mitigation discrimination displacement measurement drought dynamic model dynamic risk management


ESDD ETM+ EVI Early Warning Earth observation Earthquake Disaster Eco-DRR Ecological disaster reduction Ecological environment Ecological infrastructure Economic growth Ecuador Electromagnetic Electronic Flight Bag Elephants Emergency situations Emission concentration Emissivity Enhanced Vegetation Index Ensemble kalman filter (EnKF) Environment Environmental Characterization Environmental Health Environmental Impact Analysis Environmental Impact Assessment Environmental Information System Environmental Variables Environmental epigenetics Environmental exposure Envisat Erosion Essential Biodiversity Variables Euclidean transformation Europe Evacuation Evaluation Evapotranspiration Evapotranspiration estimation Evolution Extreme rainfall earth observation earthquake ecosystem elimination emergency response emulator environmental characterization environmental monitoring ex-urban


FLIR sensor FLUXNET FY3B Far-Infrared Feature Extraction Filtering Filtering algorithm Fine Scale Fire Severity First Order Logic Flash-Floods Flood Flood Extraction Flooding Floods Flow Accumulation Forecasting Forest Forest Cover Monitoring Forest Disturbance Forest Inventory Forest Succession Forest Volume Forest stress analysis Forest structure Forestry Forests Framework Fukushima Full-waveform airborne laser scanning Fusion Fusion System feature extraction feature tracking fire detection fishpond flood modelling flooding flooding dynamics forecasting forest carbon inventory forest degradation forest disturbance; Central Highlands; open-source; random forests; timber harvesting; fire forest health condition forest structure forestry fundamental datasets


GCP GEZGIN GIS GLCM GOCI GPS GRACE Galapagos Gaofen-2 Gap fraction Gaussian process Genetic Algorithm Geo-Spatial Data GeoEye Geocoding Geodetic Survey Geographic Indication Geographic Information System (GIS) Geographic Information Systems Geographic Medical History Geographical Information System Geographical Information Systems Geological Mapping Geology Geomorphologic Change Geophysical changes Geospatial Information Geospatial Statistics Geospatial technology Geotechnology Geovisualisation Getis statistic Ghana Glacier Glacier change Global Global Human Settlement Layer Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) buoys Global South Global land cove Global land cover; Pragmatics web; Service Composition; Behavior-Intention GlobalLand 30 Globalisation Globcover GlobeLand30 Globeland30 Gold prospecting Gravity model Greenery Greenland Grid-scale Ground Control Point Ground Truth Ground-penetrating radar Growing Seasons Gössnitzkees gabor filtering geographical isolation glacier glacier lake outburst floods glacier melt glacier movement global land cover


HJ-1 NDVI Habitat Suitability Index Habitat connectivity Hazards Healthcare Critical Infrastructure Heavy Rainfall Hedonic Pricing Model High Resolution High Resolution Imagery High Resolution Satellite Images Himalaya Himawari Hippocrates Historical aerial photographs History Hong Kong House Price Human Impact Human detection Hydrological Model Hyperion satellite images Hyperspectral Hyperspectral Image analysis health human impact human impacts human settlement mapping human settlements hydrology hyperspectral hyperspectral characterization


ICESat IGBP class IGN-ES INSPIRE IR Remote sensing ISIS Method ITEWS Ice Sheet Ice Sheet Mass Balance Ice Thickness Ice Velocity Image Classification Image analysis Image classification Image matching Impact assessment Impervious surface Impervious surface area India Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) Infrared Infrared camera Inland water bodies Insulator Contaminations Insurance Insurance Rate Intensity Correction Intensity Estimation Internet of Things Interpretation Inventory Parameters image interpretation image matching image sequences in situ observation in-field measurements in-situ incremental updating interoperability inversion island ecosystems


LANDSAT LANDSAT-8 LAStools LIDAR LISS LISS IV LST LU/LC LULC Lahar Land Cover Land Cover Change Land Cover/ Use Mapping Land Surface Temperature Land Use Land cover Land covers pattern Land surface temperature Land use Land-use Data Update Landsat Landsat 5 Landsat 7 Landsat 8 Landsat 8 OLI Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS Landsat 8 surface reflectance Landsat ETM+ Landsat Imagery Landsat TM Landsat Time series Landsat imagery Landsat time-series Landsat-8 Landsat8 Landscape ecology Landscape metrics Landslide Landslide Susceptibility Landslide hazard mapping Landslide monitoring Landslide susceptibility Landslides Extraction Laser Atimetry Leaf area index Learning with Local and Global Consistency Least Square Gradient Least-cost path Leaves Leptospirosis Disease Level of details LiDAR LiDAR DEM LiDAR full-waveform Lidar Linhousilin Forest Park Local Climate Zones Local Maxima Local climate zones Long-range forecast Long-term Monitoring Low Water Level Low-density residents land cover land use land-use change landslide mapping larvicide’s strategy laser scanning lidar location-based services long term trends long-term series low-cost sensors


M X-band MP radar MLA MLSWI MODIS MODIS SCA MWRI Machine learning Malaysia Mangrove forest Mangroves Map Mapping Marine Wildlife Mass Balance Mass Balance Changes MaxEnt Maximum Entropy Maximum Likelihood Maya Mountain Massif Measurement Mecca Mediterranean Mekong Delta Mesoscale Methane Methane Sources Microclimate Microphysics Mindanao Mineral MoRE Model Modelling and Simulation Modified Normalized Difference Water Index (MNDWI) Mold spore Mongolia Monitoring Monitoring Reservoir Montréal Census Metropolitan Area Morphological changes Movement Trajectory Multi Sensor Multi-agent Multi-criteria analysis Multi-source data Multi-temporal Multiple Linear Regression Multiscale Multispectral Image Multispectral Sensor Murray-Darling Basin marine gravity data; fault system; seafloor spreading axis; oceanic crust mesh migration mobility moisture content moment magnitude monitoring motion detection multi-temporal multi-temporal SAR data multi-threshold segmentation multiresolution segmentation multitemporal assessment


NDSM NDVI NDWI NGAI Nagarjuna Sagar reservoir Nanjing city Nationwide flood Natura 2000 Natural Hazards Neglected tropical diseases (NTD) Nitrogen stress Non-Linear Model Non-Parametric Regression Non-linear filter Non-trivial feature derivations Nonlinear Modeling Nutrient Pollution national forest monitoring system neighbourhood night lights nighttime light remote sensing image nighttime lights nitrogen non-Gaussian normalized DSM numerical modelling


OBIA Object-Based Classification Object-Based Image Analysis Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) Object-based Observation time Ocean color Oenological potential Offshore Wind Offshore Wind Farm Oil Spill Detection., KOMPSAT-5 Oil slick thickness Ondo State Open platform Operational Land Imager Optical Optical Channels Optimal Band Ratio Analysis Optimization allocation Otsus method ocean colour offshore slick open data optical flow optical multispectral data orientation overlap stripe differences


PALSAR PALSAR-2 PALSAR2 PCA PESERA Paddy Pantanal Parallax Decomposition Parameterization Particle model Particulate Matter (PM) Passive Microwave Radiometer Peninsular Malaysia Persistent Scattering Interferometry Phenolic composition Philippines Phosphorus Emissions Photogrammetry Physically based model Pit-free Plantation Point Cloud Point Cloud Data Point Cloud Encoding Point cloud PolSAR Polarimetric Decomposition Polarization Population distribution Potential Vorticity Anomaly Power Facilities Precipitation Prediction modelling Pricncipal Component Analysis Process Protected Areas Prover9 Public Open Space Python paddy fields pansharpened participatory particulate mattter pattern analysis peri-urban Agriculture pixel value planning point cloud policy principal component analysis


RASAT REDD+ RGB RPC RTK-VRS RVI Radar Radiance Radiation frost Radioactive pollution Radiometer Rain Forest Random Forest Random Forest algorithm Random Forests RapidEye Ray tracing Reconnaissance Rectification Reference data Registration Relative DEM Remediation Remote Sensing Remote Sensing (RS) Remote Sensing Applications Remote sensing Remote sensing data Rescaled Range Analysis Rescue operations Residential Area Retracker Retrieval Revision Rhizophoraceae Risk Assessment Risk reduction River Riyadh Robinia pseudoacacia Rocks Rosia Jiu mining area Rule-based Classification Run-out Runoff radar vegetation index radial velocity random forest real-time reflectance spectra reflectivity regression remote sensing remote sensing data remote-sensing rice rice crop mapping rice yield riparian vegetation river basin rurbanization


SAR SAR Interferometry SAR-Interferometry SAVI SCIAMACHY SENTINEL-2 SI Traceable SMOS SPOT VEGETATION SPOT-5 SPOT-6 SSA SST SUAV SVM SVM classifier SWIR Sahel Region Sao Paulo Saral Satellite Data Satellite Imagery Satellite altimetry Satellite data sharing platform Satellite imagery Scale Scale Effects Schistosomiasis Risk Sea Ice Sea Ice Concentration Sea-Level Rise Seagrass Seasonal Dynamics Second World War Seed Stands Segmentation Selective Harvesting Self-organization maps Semantic Reasoning Sentinel-1 Sentinel-1A Sentinel-2 Service platform Severe Convection SfM Shanghai Shannon’s Entropy Ship Detection Ship Recycling Shoreline Shoreline Change Signal Amplitude Simulation Single Tree Site Selection Slope Small lakes Smart Cities Snow Depth Snowmelt Runoff Socio-economic variables Soil Surface Roughness Soil and Water Loss South China Sea; satellite altimeter data Southeastern United States Spatial Analysis Spatial Histogram Spatial Predictions Spatial information Spatiotemporal Analysis Species Distribution Model Spectral Bands Spectral Imagery Split-Window Stand Height Stand-level Standard Stepwise Regression Stepwise regression Stereo Image Stochastic Coloured Petri net Storm and Flood Stream Network Structure-from-Motion (SfM) Subtropical Forest Sun Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Super Low Frequency Supervised classification Support Vector Machine Support Vector Regression Surface Elevation Changes Surface Temperature Surface albedo Surface net radiation Susceptibility analysis satellite images satellite remote sensing schistosomiasis sea ice sea ice concentration seasonally continuous segmentation sense making visualization simulation site specific crop management situational awareness snow cover snow detection snow height snow melt runoff social exclusion soil soil moisture spatial mapping spatial resolution spectral unmixing spectral vegetation indices spectral width stable lights statistical error metrics sub-saharan Africa supervised classification support vector machine surface temperature surface water dynamics surveillance and response sustainable indicators


TES TLS TM TM6 TR-NDBI TRMM Tasseled Cap Transformation Tele-epidemiology Temperature Temporal mixture analysis TerraSAR-X TerraSAR-X Staring Spotlight Mode Terrain variable Terrestrial Laser Scanning Terrestrial LiDAR Terrestrial Water Storage Terrestrial laser scanner Terrestrial photogrammetry Texture The Green Solow model The Nankai trough megathrust earthquake The Ramsey- Cass- Koopmans model Thermal Thermal Remote Sensing Thermal bands Thiessen Polygons Time series Time-lapse Tombolo Train Derailment Transboundry Tree species mapping Trees Tricarinate Hill-turtle Tropical Rain Forest Tropopause Typhoon Morakot temporal analysis temporal resolution the Upper and Middle Reaches of the Nenjiang River thermal imaging thermal infrared threshold tide gauge time-lapse imagery time-series times series model tornado transportation tree aboveground biomass tree height trees trend trends tropical environments tsunami tsunami warning


UAE UAV UHI Uncertainty Understory Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Unmanned aerial vehicle Unmixing Unsupervised Automatic Classification Urban Urban Change Urban Expansion Urban Heat Island Urban Mapping Urban Morphology Urban Plans and Policies Urban Structure Urban Systems Urban Wetlands Urban atlas Urban audit Urban climate Urban expansion Urban fragmentation Urban heat island Urban sprawl Urban structure type Urban vegetation mapping Urbanisation underwater ungagged watershed basins unsteady flow analysis urban urban forest management urban growth urban land use dynamics urban penalty and health disparity urban planning urban sprawl


V-I-S model VHR satellite imagery VIC model VNIR Valais Validation Vegetation Cover Vegetation Dynamics Vegetation Indexes Vegetation Indices Vegetation Mapping Vegetation Regeneration Vineyards Visible and near infrared bands Visualization Volcanic ash Voxel space validation vectorial risk vegetation cover vegetation height vegetation index vegetation indices vegetation periods visual tools viticulture volunteered geographic information


WV Satellite Imagery Warning Framework Water Dynamics Water Mask Water Pollution Water balance Water level Waveform Web-GIS Web-based Wide-area Mapping Wildfire Wind Energy Wind Speeds Wireless Sensor WorldView-3 water water constituents water management water quality water refraction water resources watershed management weather radar web service whirl wind wildlife-vehicle-collisions winter wheat woody attribution