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Volume XLII-4/W18, 2019 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-4/W18, 2019 – Keyword index


2D data analysis


A* ACF ADM-Aeolus AHP AHP Method ANN ANT Colony Algorithm Above ground biomass Accessibility Accuracy assessment Active Contour Models Administrative region Aerial Image Aerial Imagery Aerosol Aerosol Optical Depth Agent-based Modelling Aghqala city Agricultural Monitoring Agricultural fields Air Pollution Air Quality Ajabshir plain Albania Allocation Altimetry Analysing Antecedent moisture condition (AMC) Aq’qala Archeology Architectural-scenographic construction Arid Region Arid regions Artificial Bee Colony Artificial Intelligence Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Artificial intelligence Assessment Methods Attention mechanism Augmented Reality Auxiliary data Azar Oil Field aboveground biomass (AGB) air pollution atmospheric correction


B-spline functions BIM Backscatter Band to Band Registration Basal area Bathymetry Big Multi-Sensor Data Biomass Biophysical Characteristics Boosting decision tree Bridge monitoring Brucellosis Building Building Detection Building Extraction Building Roof Building extraction Buildings Burn Probability band ratio


C4.5 CALIPSO CATS CATS-ISS CHIRPS CNN CNNs Calibration Capacity Criterion Carbon stock Carbonate Rocks Caspian Hyrcanian forest Caspian Sea Cellular Automaton Cellular automata Cellular automata (CA) Chabahar Chadormalu Change Detection Change Index Change Vector Analysis Change detection Chaos mapping Chogha Zanbil Citizen-Centered Tehran Classification Climate change Close-Range Imagery Cloud Cloud Computing Clustering Coarse to Fine Registration Coastal Desert Colab Community Mappings Comparison of Features Content Based Filtering Context-aware Context-awareness Controller Conventional Neural Network Convolutional Network Convolutional Neural Network Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Convolutional Neural Networks Cost aggregation Cost and Fare Crime Reporting Crime mapping Crisis Management Criterion Crop Map Crop Mapping Crop parameters Cross section Cultivation area Cultivation pattern Cultural Heritage Cumulative Density Cumulative Overlay Curve number (CN) Curvelet Transform classification close range collinearity equation continuity constrains control point crop diseases crop production cross-ratio


DBSCAN DC engine DMSP Satellite DSH (De-Morphogenesis DSM DTM Extraction DTW DWA Damavand Data Fusion Data classification Data mining De-Morpho De-speckling Decision level fusion Decision tree Deep Learning Deep learning Demographic Variables Dense Image Matching Density Information Depth Prediction Desertification Destruction Detection Detection of Changes Digital Platform for the Knowledge’s Representation Digital Soil Mapping Digital elevation model Dijkstra Dilative strain rate Disability Disaster Management Discrete Wavelet Transform Disparity images Displacement and vibration analysis Driving Factors Drought Drought Model Dust Dust Storm deep learning directed acyclic network displacement drought dual polarized


EC Earthquake Earthquake magnitude Effectiveness criteria Empirical Mode Decomposition Encryption Endmember Endmember extraction Energy Consumption Optimization Environment Environment Characteristics Epidemiology Error assessment Evaluation Evaporation Evapotranspiration


FAO standard Fagus Orientalis Stands Feature Extraction Feature Fusion Feature Selection Feature extraction Feedforward multilayer neural network Fiducial Markers Field spectral Filter Filtering Fine Calibration Fingerprinting Finite Element Method Fire Evacuation Fire Exposure Flood Flood Mapping Flood Risk Management Flood area Flood risk map Floor Plan Forest Inventory Forest Management Forest canopy density Forest ecosystems Fragmentation Frequency Frequency of Occurrence Fringe Projection Full Waveform LiDAR Full polarimetric SAR Fully convolutional neural networks Fusion Fuzzy Fuzzy AHP Fuzzy Inference Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy overlay analysis Fuzzy reclassification Fuzzy-VIKOR flood detection


GA GB-SAR GIS GLDAS GNDVI GNSS GPS GPS Trip Data GRACE GWR Gap filling General Circulation Models Generative Adversarial Networks Genetic Algorithm Genetic algorithm Geo-tagged GeoSPARQL Geodetic moment rate Geographic Information Systems Geographic information Geographic information system Geological Remote Sensing Geometric Documentation Geometric Features Geometric calibration Geomorphometry Geospatial Information System Geospatial Services Geospatial information system (GIS) Geothermal Getis-Ord Gi* Global Positioning System Golestan Golestan province Gomishan Gomishan Lagoon Google Earth Engine Gorganrood Ground measurements Ground water depletion Ground-Based System Groundwater Group Decision Making Growth Gyroscope geology geometric features


Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) Hash function Haze Removal Hazy Image Generation HbA1c Headcuts Health GIS Healthcare Services Hearth Attack High-Resolution Satellite Imagery High-resolution satellite images Hilbert Transform Hilly-gully region Historical Ignition Hongkong Hough Transform Hydrologic soil group (HSG) Hydrological change Hypermedia Systems) – BIM (Building Information Modelling) Hyperspectral Hyperspectral Image Hyperspectral Images Hyperspectral image Hyperspectral image classification hydroponic hyperspectral data


ICESat IMDPA IMDPA Model IPTA IR-MAD IRAN Image Image Classification Image Formation Image Fusion Image Guided Surgeries Image Processing Image processing Image pyramid Image-assisted total station Imagery InSAR InSAR data Index Index Overlay Indoor Modeling Indoor Navigation Indoor Positioning Indoor mapping Integration Intelligent Transportation Systems Interferometric SAR Internet Connection Internet behavior Intrinsic mode functions Ionosphere Iran Itinerary image processing incidence angles


LIDAR LST LST variation Land Cover Land Subsidence Land Surface Temperature Land Use Diversity Land cover Land cover change Land surface temperature Land use Land use / cover Land use/cover change Prediction Landesanstalt für Umwelt Baden-Württemberg Landsat Landsat 8 Landsat 8 & Sentinel-2 data integration Landsat 9 OLI Landsat-8 Landsat-8 OLI Landslide Landslide Mapping Landslide Susceptibility Lantau Island Laser scanner Laser scanning LiDAR LiDAR Point Cloud Light pollution Line Drawing Linked Data Lithological Mapping Logistic Regression Low Relief Area Uncertainty Low-cost Sensors land surface temperature land use/land cover landscape large scale map least-squares approximation


MAD MCDA MDI MEMS accelerometer MNDWI MODIS MODIS Snow Cover MOOR MOP MTT Algorithm Machine Learning Machine Learning Algorithms Machine learning Magnetic field Mangrove Mann-Kendall Marker selection Marketing Markov Chain Mashhad Maximum Entropy Mean Shift Meta-heuristic Algorithms Meteorological Parameters Middle East Miss-registration Error Mixed Land-Use Mobile GIS Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanner Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR Mobile-GIS Modal parameter identification Modified-DRASTIC model Morphology Profiles Morphology dynamics Morphology of the Form Movement data Movement pattern Multi Spectral Image Multi-Spectral Imagery Multi-View Multi-criteria decision-making Multi-resolution Segmentation Multiple classifier systems (MSCs) Multispectral Image machine learning maize mineral mapping multistage process planning


NDVI NDWI NSTLR NYC Green Taxi Najaf Abad basin Navigation NetLogo Network K-Function Network design Network kernel density estimation Neural Network Neural network Noise reduction Non-Coherent Pulse Integration Normalized DSM Numerical Simulation network analysis neural network non-metric camera nonparametric methods


OLI OLS Object Based Image Analysis Object-Based Image Analysis Object-based Occluded area On Board Unit Open Pit Mines OpenStreetMap Optimization oil extraction


PACF PCA PERSIANN-CDR PLS-DA PLSR PM 10.0 PM 2.5 PSLR PSO Pan-Sharpening Pan-sharpening Panchromatic Image Park Partial least square Particle Swarm Optimization Particle swarm optimization (PSO) Particulate Matter Path Planning Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Perception Persian Gulf Persistent Scatterer Persistent Scatterers Interferometry Person Tracking Phase Unwrapping Photogrammetric Images Photogrammetry Photometric Stereo Pixel Purity Index (PPI) Planar Model Plaxis 2D Pleiades Point Classification Point Cloud Point Cloud Analysis Point Cloud Generation Point Cloud Integration Point Clouds Point cloud Point clouds Point of Interest Points of Interest Pol percentage Pol-e-Dokhtar PolSAR Polarimetric Change Detection Polarimetric decomposition Polarization signature Positioning Post classification comparison Precipitation Precipitation projection Prediction Public Participatory GIS Public park Python particulate materials point cloud


RANSAC RBF neural network RBFNN RDF ROS RRT RSSI RTK Radar Imaging Radar Interferometry Radar Remote Sensing Radar Signal Radar Signal Processing RanSAC Random Forest Random forest Range Migration Ray-Tracing Real Time Application Recommendation Recommender Systems Red tide Reflectometry Regression Relief & Rescue Relief Displacement Relief maps Remote Sensing Remote sensing Remote sensing data Rice Ride Sharing Ridesharing Risk assessment Road Crack Road network Road recognition Roads damage map Robotic Photogrammetry Robust parameter estimation Rock Face Rockfall Hazard Rough Set Theory Route Finding Runoff random forest random forest regression (RFR) reflective roofs remote sensing road quality


S-band SAR SAR Images SAR Interferometry SDSS SEBAL SLAM SMAP SMOS SPI SPOT image SST SVM SVM-genetic SVR SWIR Safety Salty Water Index (SWI) Samalghan Valley Sanandaj Sarakhs Sarpol-Zahab Satellite Earth Observations Satellite Images Satellite data Satellite imagery Satellite images Satellite stereo images Scan Matching Segmentation Seismic moment rate Selective Search Semantic Semantic Web Semi-Global Matching Semi-sparse point cloud Sentinel-1 Sentinel-1and -2 Sentinel-2 Sentinel-2 Data Sen’s slope estimator Sequential Maximum Angle Convex Cone (SMACC) Sequential maximum angle convex cone endmember extraction Shear strain rate Shortest path Similarity Single image Single-image Dehazing Site Selection Sketch maps Sky view factor Smart City Smart Health Smartphone Mode Detection Smartphone Sensors Social Media Socioeconomic Socioeconomic Parameters Soil Soil Mapping Soil Moisture Map Soil moisture Southern slopes of Alborz mountains of Iran Space-borne Spatial Analysis Spatial Cognition Spatial Features Spatial Patterns Spatial Quality Spatial and Temporal Changes Spatial indicator Spatial justice Spatial-statistical modeling Spatial-temporal Analysis Spatio-Temporal Analysis Speckle Noise Spectral Features Spectral angle mapper Spectral data Spectral feature Spectral library Spectral mixture analysis Spectral signature Standardized Precipitation Index Standardized Soil moisture Index Statistical Modeling Stereo Images Stereo matching Structural Classification Structure-from-Motion Subsidence Sucrose juice Sugarcane Suomi-NPP Satellite Support Vector Machine Support Vector Regression (SVR) Support vector machine Surface Characteristics Surface Roughness Surgery Survey Swarm satellites Synthetic Aperture Radar Synthetic aperture radar System Development salty Lake seed drill semantic heterogeneity semantic levels sentinel-1 shortest path significance spectral settings splines’ basis functions structural features surface fitting surface parameters surface reflectance


T2DM TM and ETM sensors TOA reflectance TRMM TRMM-3B42 V7 TWS Tabu algorithm Taxi Trip Data Tehran Telecare Tensor voting Terrestrial Laser Scanner Texture Textured Mesh Theatrical scenic illusionism Theil-Sen Thermal Camera Calibration Thermal Imagery Thermal Infrared Imaging Thermal environment Three-Dimensional Gabor Filters Throughfall sensitivity Time Series Time series Time series images Time-series Analysis Tirana Topographic Parameters Topology Total Storage Deficit Index Total Water Storage Traffic Collisions Traffic Management Trajectories Trajectory Transportation Data Transportation Planning Travel Demand Tree Density Tree Detection Tree Geometric parameters Tree species Trend Tropospheric Correction Tropospheric noise Twitter Type-1 Fuzzy-DWT time variable


U-Net UAV UAV Based Processing UAV Photogrammetry UAV/UAS UAVSAR Uncertainty Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Unmixing Unsupervised Change Detection Urban Heat Island Urban Mobility Urban Traffic Urban Traffic Management Urban Vision Urban area Urban facilities Urban heat island Urban impervious surfaces Urmia Lake Utility Poles urban Tree urban areas urban heat island


VAOMP VGI Vegetation Indices Vegetation dynamic Vegetation indices Vegetation mapping Vegetation maps Vehicle Detection Vehicle Routing Problem Vehicle Sensor Networks Vehicle Tracking Velocity vectors of geodynamic network Velodyne Point Clouds Vertical Structure Volume Volunteered Geographic Information Voxel-Based Registration Vulnerability Map Vulnerability index vegetation monitoring


Water Water Budget Procedure Water Level Water Storage Water salinity Weighted K-means Wet land Wheelchair Detection Wi-Fi Wildfire WorldView-3 water web GIS
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